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We're having a boy!

February 29th, 2012 at 04:43 am

We had our 20 week morphology ultrasound on 18/2/12. Growth rate is good, baby appears to be healthy and well-formed, and she was pretty certain we're having a boy! Nice exciting news, we are both very happy.

We are fairly certain his name will be James, it is my grandfathers name and we both like it.
But, I guess it is hard to tell until he is finally born! Could change our minds.

Have been getting bits and pieces for him in the form of presents from friends and family. Have only spent around $100 on six modern cloth nappies. My dad and stepmum will be buying me the rest. (The only reason I bought them was because they were on special, one brand marked down from $36 to $17.95 and the other brand marked down to $15.40 from $26).

We have been pretty slack with saving conciously but for some reason our accounts are looking the healthiest they ever have, we have $9000 in our EF. It is a long way from the dribs and drabs we were trying to hold onto when my old boss decided to cut my hours and I was only earning $250 a week!!!

The new job has been very good to me, and I think I will want to return in 12 months time even if it's only a few shifts a week, on nights or weekends. PLUS a store is being built about ten minutes walk from my house! I am hoping it will be built by the time my maternity leave is over! (I get 12 months maternity leave).

Most of you know that Australia doesnt have a big coupon culture, but my work is currently doing a new promotion for something their developers have been working on for several years. For their own brand of products they have eliminated all artifical colours and MSG, and to celebrate the launch they have given all staff members a coupon book for half price products to try. I looked through it and there is actually a lot of stuff I can use, so I'm looking forward to trying that! The offer ends 31/3 so I suppose I should get my act together.

I started a new semester of uni on Monday, and got my results for the summer semester last Friday. I got an A for Marketing and a B for Financial Accounting. Big Grin This semester I am only doing one subject, Economics. Hoping I do well in this one. Only four more subjects until I can start my minor in Personal Finance!

That's all my news for now! Hope everyone is well.

Long time no see!

February 9th, 2012 at 05:07 am

Gosh it's been a while since I posted last!

All sorts of things have been happening so it's time for a big update.

Well I'm 18.5 weeks pregnant and everything seems to be going alright so far. In a week and a half we find out the gender and get to see our baby again (last time was the nt scan at 12 weeks). I think sometimes I feel little movements but I can't be sure - everyone says between now and 20 weeks I will feel them so perhaps it is.

I haven't had any really bad pregnancy problems like out-of-control nausea or anything like that, but I *have* been really really tired. I usually have a 2 hour nap on top of my regular 8 hours sleep a night. DH has been really great, doing all the washing, sharing the dishes and cooking with my little sister so I have to only do it if I feel up to it.

Not to say I haven't been doing anything though! I've been working about 6 days a week with my new job and my book-keeping job. I got a lot of hours over the holiday season which was great. Some days I got double time and a half pay.

I've also still been studying at Uni. In hindsight I probably would have been better off doing one subject if I'd known how tired I'd be and how much work I'd get. Alas, the summer semester is over now and I am really confident I got great results too! Not sure how I managed it, I didn't really do as much studying as they recommend. Most of it was done on my lunchbreak at work.

My little sister has moved out again. This time she's living with my brother, so atleast she's in partially capable hands (??). He lives two states away, and her plane leaves this afternoon. My parents are taking her to the airport - it was sad this morning to say goodbye to her, I will miss her even though she could be a handful. I just hope everything goes well for her. She's going to be studying fashion design at Latrobe.

We're beginning to accumulate things for the baby now. So far we have been given (or promised to be given things that havent arrived yet) most of what we need of the big ticket items.
Some friends have lent us their cot. DH's sister is lending us: a change table/baby bath, bassinet, newborn capsule & car seat, newborn clothes, breast pump she didnt use.
We just have to buy a pram and I have my eye on one that is currently on special, a Steelcraft design for $215 (normally around $499).
My dad and stepmum are buying us cloth nappies (the modern cloth type). I've still bought a few on sale the past week, just because the specials have been so great. Found some 'unpopular' colours on for $17.95, marked down from $35.95. Also found at their hemp fitted nappy on sale for $15.40 from $26 each. I bought three of each and hopefully what my dad and stepmum can buy for us will be all I'll need nappy-wise - for this baby and the next. (I will be buying a box of newborn disposables for the first week or two).

I think that's all my news for now. I have to run and catch up with a friend I havent seen in ages.


December 3rd, 2011 at 11:00 am

The new job is going great. I am still learning everything and all the goings on.
I have two tests for uni due on Monday. Ah! Kind of freaking out but I should be fine. I have a half hour (paid) and one hour (unpaid) break so I have been using those to read my textbooks. I realised this will take atleast a good five hours off my total twenty eight hours of study a week. If I'm organised with my studying I an usually knock another four or five off just by being thorough and taking adequate notes.

Pregnancy is going well so far (as far as I know, anyway!). I am nine weeks on Monday. We have booked our first scan for 28th December. Was hoping for before Christmas but it can't be helped.
DH is nervous and excited, as I am also. :-)

We told all of our parents. My mum as usual is being a bit overbearing. She has already told me I should be extremely worried and that there is something wrong because I have not had vomitting morning sickness, only mild nausea. :-/ thanks mum! She is also telling me what nappies to buy! Even though her last baby is now 16! Sigh. It will be interesting when I tell her I plan on having a hospital birth and not home births like her. (I swear I am the only child in the world who's mother is unhappy that I AM going to a hospital / birth suite to have a baby! Sheesh!)

Other than that, I've had a bit of a cold which has been a bit worrying. I am going to go to the doctor on Monday just as a precaution.

DH got his (much late) birthday presents today. Usually our 'presents' to each other are several hours of tattooing (not done by each other! Obviously! But by a good friend and very talented artist), but this time DH got something different.
There are good specials around at the moment. He finally got his ps3 he has been wanting for two years. Talk about delayed gratification! We found the cheapest at Kmart, $288 less my company staff discount of 5% made it $273. He used his vouchers from friends for his birthday to buy some games. (elder scrolls, midnight race club and grand theft auto). It's been a long time coming, the last piece of electronic equipment he bought himself was his computer, around 7 years ago.

His other present is finishing his sleeve, which won't be until late January.

We are going to have a nice weekend away soon, our belated honeymoon.
Remember that free hotel stay at dh's uncles hotel? Yeah well we have not gone yet! But soon, I hope...

That is all my news for now!


November 23rd, 2011 at 04:06 am

Well, Friday is my last day at my old job. Can I tell you, I have never been so excited to be leaving a place!
When I worked on Monday, my boss did not talk to me all day. Strangely I do not feel a loss. I figure he deserves all he gets if he cannot stand up to his own wife, about his own business in which she has no part in running other than the book-keeping and payroll. Sure, I am a book-keeper myself, and I do think that it gives you a wide scope of the business and you can see things that go wrong, but I do not have a say, and would never even dream of intruding on, my husband and his dads staffing choices and arrangements, especially in a business where there is some level of skill involved in producing a product.

Anyway. Their loss, is all I can say. I am looking forward to hearing about their discovery of all the little things I do every time I work. I like to be organised, and I think that I do a lot which they don't notice. There are things that I do that other staff do no know how to, or just do not do because they are lazy. They have not asked me to tell anyone how to do anything, so I figure, why worry? They will find out soon enough Big Grin

I start my new job for real next Tuesday (I have done three days of training so far).
My first day is 9am-6pm. I think it will take me a while to get used to a full working day, as my shifts at my old work gradually reduced from 8 hours a day, then to 7.5, then 7, now 6.5 hours...

While I was doing my last bit of training yesterday, I mentioned to one of the area managers (who was initially going to hire me and then passed me on to another manager, who then gave me a permanent contract). I mentioned how I had gotten fired for not being able to work on Fridays anymore, and immediately the woman got excited and said she would definately be able to give me more work in her department. So now I have one day a fortnight in another area as well. That was easy!

This whole experience has soured my future working opportunities for small, family businesses. Just comparing the way I have been treated so far with my old work and the new work, they are outrageously different. You would think a huge company with stores in nearly every town would be inflexible and expect you to do what they want - but it's the complete opposite. When I first started at my old job, I was told right from the start if I could not fit in with the days they wanted, I could not have the job. With the new company, my area manager was willing to re-do her entire roster if I couldn't get Fridays off. WTH?

On another note: after Friday I can THROW OUT my old work clothes. I have never been so excited in my life to throw out clothes before.


My little sister has moved back in with us and is now paying rent, which helps a bit too.
On Saturday night she fell off her skateboard. A kind lady drove her home and when I looked at her knee, I knew I could not dress it. I had to take her to the hospital. We were in the emergency ward until 3.30am before we were seen by a doctor, and she ended up having to stay the night, and the next night! She had to have surgery on her knee. EW. Is now at home, laying on our daybed watching television.
I think she thought at first it would be all fine. Asked me if she could go to the beach (not to swim, obviously) with friends the day after getting home from hospital! Well! Wasn't that a different story after her pain medications wore off!

Unfortunately she had just gotten herself a job the week before and was due to start the day she got home from hospital. Her boss seems like a nice lady and just said to get better, so I am assuming that means she still has her job!


Offspring update (yes, that is what we're calling the baby until we know the sex): felt a little nauseous this morning but so far haven't had any throwing up mornings. Am only 7 weeks though, and have heard that it starts at 8 weeks typically. I am still keeping my fingers crossed and hoping I don't get it. (On another note, I have also heard that when you are having a boy you don't get as sick). I wonder...? LOL. Big Grin Only time will tell.

My area manager noticed my wedding ring and asked how long we'd been married, and if we had any kids. I was vague. 'Oh, no kids. One day in the future we would like to.'

It's a tricky situation. My probation ends in February, but by then I will be about 20 weeks (I think). But, apparently because I'm signing an employment contract I don't think it's as easy to get fired as if I was casual. Also the woman I'm replacing is going on maternity leave - I met her yesterday and she is 35 weeks along. This is proof that I should be able to do the job then, as well.

DH and I talked and agreed its best to make out as though Offspring wasn't planned and that we only found out weeks after I got the job there - even though technically the baby WAS planned Big Grin and we knew at 2 weeks... I have a friend who did not find out she was pregnant until she was 5 months along (while it DOES sound a little farfetched, she swears it's true) so I know it can happen!

I don't want to lie, but I would like to return to my job after offspring is born, if I can, even if it means going through the recruitment process again.

Am I doing the right thing? I will probably tell my new work in mid-January.

Also, I am telling my dad this weekend. It is a little nerve-wracking because I think he'd rather I finish my degree and get a job in my field before starting a family. But then again, he was DH's age and mum was my age when they had me Big Grin So neither of them can comment!

We did tell some close friends of ours a couple weeks ago. I can't be certain but I think they want to have a second child fairly soon. That would be kind of nice. All of our friends children are around 2 years old now - will be 3 when Offspring is born.

I am *dying* to find out what my old boss says when he finds out I am pregnant (my best friend still works there - no doubt once I tell her it's safe to tell our mutual friends, she will tell people at work as well). Also wonder if they will feel bad at all that they fired me while I was pregnant. Not that it had anything to do with it, but still...


It has been UNBEARABLY hot here lately. 35 degrees C in our house and it is only November. Typically December/January are the hottest ... I am NOT looking forward to it!

It makes it hard to study too. My brain power seems to be nonexistent, along with my concentration. The only thing I seem to be able to focus on is daytime television Frown (although, I haven't watched television in general in about a week!)


Well, that's all my updates for now. Hope everyone else is well!

I got fired!

November 18th, 2011 at 07:40 pm

At the bakery I am only working monday and friday, but my new job needed me to work on friday, so I called the boss's wife yesterday to tell her that I could not work on Fridays after next friday. She said alright.
Then today My boss tells me that because I am only working mondays now, that does not suit them, so they have to 'let me go'. He then asked ME when I wanted to finish up! I said that the reason I got another job was because we could not live on the hours they gave me, and now that I had gotten a new job we would just be getting ahead. I said that I'd only worked there for five years and so I guess tha must not count for much! And then said that whatever legal minimum amount of notice they had to give me, then that would be my last day and to let me know.
I got a call from His wife not long after and she tried to tell me it was my fault, that she had offered me lots of extra shifts (actually was only a few lots of two extra hours, tacked onto the shifts I already did, while a lady went away) and that I had 'thrown them back at her'. And that I had told her to 'not bother about any afternoon shifts ever'. What I'd actually said was that I was able to do them where they fitted into my uni schedule but that I needed notice as I plan my assessments based on times Im able to do them.
And also she said that with permanents, the amount of notice a person gives when resigning is the same amount of notice they recieved when being fired. I said that first of all, I'm not permanent and secondly I never resigned, so I don't know what that's got to do with me. And she tried to tell me that I did not give appropriate amount of notice for not being able to work Fridays. (after I got off the phone I looked at the calender and realised that YES I did, I gave her 14 days and she was trying to tell me I didn't... I sent her a text message about it but she has not replied. probably banging her head against the wall saying 'dammit!'). She told me that the last time we 'had words' it would have been grounds for instant dismissal because of the way that I spoke to her. I don't really think that is true. I told her I didn't appreciate the way she spoke to me and that she gives off the feeling that she does not care about anyone's personal situations and how their actions affect their staff - since when is that grounds for dismissal? Well, I guess it must be.
Anyway, she told me she did not know how much notice she had to give me. Why would you fire someone and not find this stuff out? So, I'm waiting to hear back about it. I wanted to continue working there until early next year. Well, we'll see how that goes!
Nice to know what 5 years hard work looks like at the end of it!
I guess you can only look at it in a positive way if you want to get on with life; I am relieved they made that decision for me, so I don't have to feel bad about leaving in a couple months. I just really dislike the way they have treated me.

I sent an email telling my dad what happened (he lives two states away) and he is FUMING. He told me to make sure I call one of the fair treatment government bodies and make sure I get treated right at the end.
I'm casually employed - but I have been there for five years. I always thought casuals could just get sacked for no reason, at any time, but when my boss was trying to sack another woman (and give the hours to ME! Oh how things change...) apparently you have to give three written warnings...
We will see.
I know I am being stubborn - I don't WANT to work there, and I PLANNED to leave soon - but I feel as though the way they've treated me (& other staff) has been disgusting so I should at least make them work for it if they want me gone that bad. In the end it doesn't bother me so much - I would have left after Christmas anyway, it was only going to be an extra $200 or so of earnings. They did not find out any information before sacking me so I guess it was an impulse decision and they thought I would go without a fuss.
One of the things that sits in the back of my mind gnawing away is that I always envisioned when I left this place, I'd come back and see my boss and catch up occasionally. We have been friends for about 6-7 years - 4 of which I worked for him. The last year and a bit their true colours have shown and they're both obsessed with money - it has been disappointing. Now if I ever saw them in the street I'd not even wave, I'd keep on walking.

some exciting news

November 16th, 2011 at 02:57 am

I have been waiting for what seems like ages to post about this, and technically things are still in the early stage so I wouldn't be surprised if things still don't work out.

I'm pregnant! Six and a bit weeks.
We are excited, but still wary seeing as a lot of close friends had miscarriages in a very small space of time, a couple years ago. We know that it is fairly common and so we don't want to get our hopes up (but, it's hard not to!).

We have only told DH's mum so far, and a couple of very close friends. We are waiting until Christmas time/12 weeks before we tell everyone else.

Our due date is 9th July next year.

So far I've only felt a mild amount of nausea a couple of times. I've been getting tired a lot more. I know the best of the morning sickness is just about to start Frown (if it does - here's hoping it's not too bad).

Our first ultrasound is a week before christmas, so that will be a nice early christmas present for us!

more work! uni thoughts. 70's dressups.

November 15th, 2011 at 06:28 am

I had my general induction on Saturday (it was so boring I could've fallen asleep!). I got paid to do it too, which I wasn't sure I would! Fantastic! $22.70 an hour to sit and listen about their values and goals is ok by me!

Yesterday I got a call from the bakery sections manager. I have apparently been 'given' to her by the deli manager and have been offered a permanent part-time position, 112 hours a month, and I also get trained on checkouts and deli. I have four more training and induction sessions before I actually start doing any shifts, my first is on Thursday.

Initially I jumped excitedly around the house singing about quitting my (current) job. Until I realised it would probably be beneficial to keep working that job as long as it fits in with my new job, for as long as possible or atleast until Christmas is over and DH gets more work (He can't work most of december and half of January as most trade suppliers are closed).

This means I will be working 48 hours a week plus studying two subjects (each require 10-12 hours a week study). (I have 13 hours at my current job, 7 hours at my book-keeping job and will now have 28 a week at my new job!)

I think I can do it. I will give it a try anyway. I have until December 3rd to drop a subject without financial or academic penalty.

If I did drop a subject - that would be the hard choice. I know I SHOULD do the accounting subject - but it's so hot now that summer has started and I find it difficult to concentrate. Also, I realised my marketing textbook is the 2009/2010 edition, which is apparently being used this year too, but I'm not sure I can stretch it to next year and I don't want to have to buy another one. (I bought this one second hand for only $50 - new its over $85. Small savings I know, but every bit counts!)

The marketing one is FUN, so I doubt I will have a problem concentrating on it. I just feel as though I SHOULD be doing the accounting one. Oh well, there is always next semester.

I have a 70's party to go to and while DH is all excited about dressing up (he's planning on short, bright gym gear, head bands and maybe some roller skate haha) I'm not overly enthused. I find dress up parties a PITA most of the time. I've just bought an orange patterned kaftan top and will wear it with some brown jeans and cork wedges I bought on sale for $5. Is that 70's enough? I wouldn't know... I wasn't born then!
It seems there's a lot of 80's stuff in the stores but also there's starting to be a bit more 70's styles, must be the 'new' thing. Gosh I remember being a teenager and that stuff mattered... now, if it doesn't make me look fat and its comfortable and reasonably priced, you've just made a sale to me. Big Grin