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textbooks, and once-a-something cooking...

October 17th, 2011 at 10:10 pm

I was looking over my next semesters course and realised I don't have the right version of MYOB for it on my computer. SIGH. And here I was thinking I'd saved some money!
Freaking out about how I'd have to shell out a chunk more money for a new textbook for just the cd that comes with it (i bought the textbooks second-hand from a fellow uni student), I quickly googled 'student version of MYOB' and lo and behold, they do offer one. I was initially excited because it was $15, which means I'm still saving money, BUT they charge $15 freight. FOR A CD. WHAT?!
Ugh. Anyway, so after all that, I paid 60c less than buying them new. Bah. I suppose on the bright side, I'm helping the environment a little bit, instead of contributing to more waste...?
I have no problem keeping them in the condition they are in now (which is fairly good) and then I can resell them for what I paid in Feb next year.

I have sold a few things on eBay lately. Not everything I had hoped to sell, but I have made around $100 so that's nice.

I've been thinking off and on about doing once-a-week or once-a-fortnight cooking. SIL just started doing it. (Ok, well she has done it once...)
Usually I will make a double batch of a sauce, or mexican beans, and put some in the freezer. But I like the idea of buying all the vegetables fresh, making a whole heap of dishes, freezing them, and then just having to make a salad or a side of vegetables each night. DH will most likely do it every night then Big Grin

I just don't know what to do at this stage. I have done it before, and from memory, I made:
- spinach & feta filo pie
- vegetable lasagne
- meat lasagne
- spaghetti bolognaise

Which doesn't really seem like a lot. This time around I would probably make a curry of some sort, mexican beans (I use these for nachos, burritos & just heated up with a bowl of rice).

What else can you make that freezes well? I've never been that great at making stews. I have a slow cooker, but they never turn out well. If you have a recipe you'd like to share...?

I was thinking minestrone soup. We make that a lot, and usually I just leave the pot in the fridge and we have it for dinner for maybe three nights. It wears out it's welcome on the third night. Might actually be a good idea to freeze it haha.

Any other soups? Bakes? Ideas? Vegetarian dishes would be great, but DH does eat meat and if we fall pregnant I may reconsider eating meat for the duration, so meat dishes are appreciated too...

4 Responses to “textbooks, and once-a-something cooking...”

  1. ceejay74 Says:

    I've discovered I don't like too many frozen/reheated stuff, so I've sort of cut back on that and just try to cook fresh each night. But, there are a couple of things that fare well in the freezer...besides the ones you already listed.

    Chili! Can be made veggie or con carne.

    Burritos. One of my friends occasionally makes a batch of breakfast burritos and gives me a few. She usually does mashed potatoes, spiced refried beans, and some kind of veggie like carrot or onion...and some soy or real cheese. Those are sooo good, I never think to make them for myself so I'm always really excited when she brings me some. Smile
    For pasta, I like the sauce frozen, but to make the pasta at the time. Not much effort and much better texture.

  2. patientsaver Says:

    You could make up a meatloaf but instead of baking it in a traditional loaf pan, use a muffin tin, then wrap in tinfoil and then inside baggie sized zip lock bags. Great for portion control.

  3. marvholly Says:

    Cook 1/more whole chickens. Eat 2x first week and divide up all the remaining into boneless meal size portions. I find the drums & wings tend to become klunch. Use the bones w/the bits of meat + soup veg to make a pot or crockpot of chicken soup.

    The REAL secret to freezing is to package so well that it takes forever to develop freezer burn.

  4. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    That stinks about your textbooks and the CD program. Frown
    I make a couple different roasts that freeze pretty well - I think I may have mentioned it before -- cottage cheese roast (special K cereal, cottage cheese, onions, McKay's chicken seasoning (vegie), shredded cheese, chopped walnuts)

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