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clothes, clothes, clothes

September 30th, 2008 at 07:57 pm

So, yesterday I sorted through all of my clothes. I took out and repacked the ones I had in storage tubs (and added more to the tubs... as you do...but only took out one or two things from last summer... again, as you do...)

I only left out the clothes I wear every day (shorts, jeans, t-shirts, singlets, cardigans, etc) and left my dresses and jackets hanging up. All the clothes I haven't worn for awhile, or figured I probably WOULDN'T wear for awhile, I put away.
And guess what?

I have hardly any clothes. HAHA.


Ok, Ok, so I do have CLOTHES. But they're starting to get a little ratty. I did 'invest' in some singlets that will get me through summer, but I know that I do really need some 'nicer' shirts that are short sleeved, button up types for going out at night (to art exhibitions, nice dinners, fancy places etc), and some skirts to go with them. I am a very jeans-and-tshirts girl, so it's hard to get dressed up in frilly blouses, pretty skirts and structured jackets, when you know you're most comfortable in a band shirt, skinny jeans and ballet flats.


so I think I am going to start a 'clothes' fund. I think $250 should do it, and I might try and get it all out of the way in one go... like a shopping spree - only it's one that I've saved for lol.

so, my question is, what are everyone's 'must have' clothing items? What are your 'fail-safe' options, the couple of pieces of clothing that you always have ready if nothing else 'feels right'? what do you always look for in clothing, and what's the most you've spent on an item?
(if you're into that sort of thing - I'm not into fashion 100%, but I like to look nice, and I enjoy clothes, not brand names, just clothes)

letting people pay, savings, dinner

September 29th, 2008 at 04:16 pm

Well, I am trying to keep my expenses to a minimum because I know that this weekend's spending will be quite high.
Yesterday, however, I spent $8.50 on lunch with a friend plus $3 on a drink at work. (usually my drinks at work cost 50c as we get cheap cans of coke for the staff - but we had run out! so i bought a can of mother for $3)
I used my free coffee card for a coffee, even though my friend was very adamant that she wanted to pay (I snuck in before her though). Normally I would let people pay if they insisted - but she is very generous, and unfortunately I know how much she earns and I feel really bad when she wants to pay for me. She is an apprentice, earning a third of what I do (for the same job!). Would anyone else feel this way? The reason I know how much she earns is because I have helped her with her budget. Am I being a bad person by not letting her pay for me?

Last week I transferred another $100 into my savings - so for the month of September I saved $200 more (in my home loan account) than my 'normal' automatic deductions.

Today I have to get petrol and a couple of grocery items. I need: chickpeas, coriander, yoghurt, cheese and some kind of dessert for BF.

Tonight for dinner we are having a chickpea and cauliflower curry I found in a recipe book.

And I haven't forgotten that Homebody asked for the recipe for the lentil dal I made last week - I will post it soon!

starting over

September 27th, 2008 at 08:03 pm

Hello everyone (again).

I am not a 'new' blogger, as such.

My former savings advice blog/username was 'Greengirl'.

I have had to start my blog again afresh as I suspected that someone on the 'real' world had been reading it.
While I don't care greatly if my boyfriend reads my blog (he isn't that interested really), it does bother me a little if friends, other family or coworkers read it. This is for two reasons:
Firstly, money is a personal thing. While I don't think it should be a taboo subject at all, I would feel a little weird if my friends knew how much I analyse my spending, and if they knew the exact amount I make.
The second reason is my main reason for starting anew: I use this blog, sometimes, to vent about the situations, events and people in my life, good or bad. I am normally upfront with people, but sometimes I feel it is better to let some things be. How would I explain it better? I guess: picking your battles wisely. So when I don't raise a small issue in real life, I am most likely to bring it here and vent a little.

I will be adjusting my sidebars soon with the usual savings goals etc - but to minimise the possibility of having my new blog discovered, there will be a distinct lack of identifying factors. But you all know me anyway Smile