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letting people pay, savings, dinner

September 29th, 2008 at 11:16 pm

Well, I am trying to keep my expenses to a minimum because I know that this weekend's spending will be quite high.
Yesterday, however, I spent $8.50 on lunch with a friend plus $3 on a drink at work. (usually my drinks at work cost 50c as we get cheap cans of coke for the staff - but we had run out! so i bought a can of mother for $3)
I used my free coffee card for a coffee, even though my friend was very adamant that she wanted to pay (I snuck in before her though). Normally I would let people pay if they insisted - but she is very generous, and unfortunately I know how much she earns and I feel really bad when she wants to pay for me. She is an apprentice, earning a third of what I do (for the same job!). Would anyone else feel this way? The reason I know how much she earns is because I have helped her with her budget. Am I being a bad person by not letting her pay for me?

Last week I transferred another $100 into my savings - so for the month of September I saved $200 more (in my home loan account) than my 'normal' automatic deductions.

Today I have to get petrol and a couple of grocery items. I need: chickpeas, coriander, yoghurt, cheese and some kind of dessert for BF.

Tonight for dinner we are having a chickpea and cauliflower curry I found in a recipe book.

And I haven't forgotten that Homebody asked for the recipe for the lentil dal I made last week - I will post it soon!

2 Responses to “letting people pay, savings, dinner”

  1. Hai Says:

    As someone who is not Australian, what does "can of mother" mean?

  2. whitestripe Says:

    it doesn't 'mean' anything, it's an energy drink made by coca cola, like Red Bull and V.

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