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random tidbits... and yes, I do like clothes, thankyou.

January 31st, 2009 at 10:01 pm

Just some random tidbit updates:

- DF says he doesn't want to bother with the pest inspection now. Like I mentioned previously, it's a high set house on steel posts, and you can SEE underneath that there is nothing going on in terms of bugs/pests/termites. Personally I also think it will be a waste of time and money getting it done. I am going to find ut if we HAVE to get it done, but if we don't I think I will leave it.

- Tomorrow I am picking up my little brother and sister from school again, then having coffee with some friends. I am ONLY having a coffee! I am going to work REALLY hard on the takeaway/beverages issue this month!

- My friend just rang me to tell me that a store we sometimes go to is having a closing down sale, and all these shoes that I am particularly fond of the style, are $10 a pair. HMMM! If I do pick up a pair, that will leave me with approx $47 for the rest of the week in Fun Money.

- I pulled out all my clothes (except for the three baskets in the laundry) and sorted them into piles of 'wear sometimes' and 'wear all the time'. The 'sometimes' pile is on the left:

yes I realise it's utterly ridiculous. Factor in the three loads of washing that I haven't done and I am starting to realise I don't ever have to buy clothes, ever. EVER.

- I packed several more boxes today (clothes, art & craft) and yesterday I packed all our dvd's, cd's and xbox games. And now DF is complaining that the box is too damn heavy! (I suppose it is... it's a 1m high square box...I can barely PUSH it accross the tiles)

- DF started clearing his 'crap' cupboard, then got distracted and started playing texas hold em on facebook. *sigh* Well I ain't packing his stuff!

- I am making a time to see the house again, this time with a ladder so DF can look in the roof. I am starting to calm down from my stressout the other day.

- I have two garbage bags full of clothes for charity, and a stack of old books too. I was going to attempt to sell them but I honestly don't think I will make any money from any of it. And I can't be bothered. Still burnt from my last ebay experience.

- I am starting to get motivated to work on my fitness again. I have had, what, a three week break? I have probably undone everything I worked so hard on. Grrr.

- Now I'm off to have an early dinner (it's 4.30pm here). DF is having tandoori chicken and I am having sweet potato & pea patty burgers - with melted cheese, lettuce, tomato, beetroot and cucumber, and yoghurt and sweet chilli sauce. YUM!

January Totals

January 31st, 2009 at 02:25 pm

Job 1: $985
Job 2: $1357.85
Other: $120.00
From Savings: $676.88
Total: $3139.73

Rent: $793.34 ($158.67 p/w)
Groceries: $218.29 ($43.66 p/w)
Petrol: $113.26 ($22.65)
Phone & Internet: $39.23 ($7.85)
Mobile Phone: $64.88 ($12.98)
Loan Payments: $185.00 ($37.00)
Skincare: $29.95
Misc: $24.10
Health/Grooming: $61.10
Gifts: $40.00
Bank Fees: $9.78
Alcohol: $7
Takeaway Beverages: $153.82
Takeaway Food/Dining Out: $263.54
Magazines/Books: $5.95
Clothes/Shoes: $158.85
Makeup: $33.90
Entertainment: $241.00
Staff Lotto: $10.00
House/Appliance: $79.96
HOUSE STUFF: $750.00

Total: $3282.95

Difference: $143.22(-)

I know I transferred money into my account from my loan, but I can't remember how much! Also I made a bit more money on eBay but can't remember exactly how much either. I would say I just broke even this month, even though it says differently above. No savings, bummer. But I guess we are focusing all our energy on the new house so it's kind of expected until we get back to normality.

Hmmm, what can I say? I think I did well on books/magazines. I bought one book at the start of the month, and no magazines at all.

Mobile Phone is high because of a $15 charge to replace the sim when I lost it. Frown Not my new phone though! Thank god! I took an older, crappier one to the festival.

I am really proud of groceries and petrol expenses! LESS than my budgetted amounts! (I budgetted $50-$70 for groceries p/w and $25-$30 p/w for petrol).

Takeaway Beverages/Dining Out and Clothes: BLAH! Obviously I am going to be working REALLY hard on that this month. Entertainment costs were high, but I went to a festival. So really they won't be high in the months to come because we won't be DOING ANYTHING. At all.

Over all it was 'just a month', nothing special about it really, in terms of finance.

credit card rewards/stressouts

January 30th, 2009 at 01:25 pm

I just redeemed my points for a $50 voucher. I am going to try and close the account over the next month, seeing as we now have our free ones with our new bank.
Also I just recieved my $20 voucher from www.valuedopinions.com
I have about $5 of credit in my account with them as well, for next time. They seem to send out surveys in waves. I will get a ton of them (ok, like 5 of them) and my balance will be at something like $19 (minimum you can cash out is $20). Then I will have to wait a month before getting another one so I can cash out.

Anyway, I'm not complaining. Technically it's free money!

Also, checked my emails and I have a $25 voucher to spend at Wallacec Bishop Jewellers before Feb 14th. AND they are having a sale! Last time I spent a voucher there I got a butterfly necklace pendant and a chain, so this time I can just get another pendant. The good thing about these jewellers is when they have sales, they actually HAVE SALES. I won't have to spend any more than my $25 voucher there, either.

To undo all of my good work, I bought a dress yesterday for $49.95. I had tried it on 3 times in the past two weeks - so I can't say it was an impulse purcahse. I am planning on wearing it to DF's sisters engagement.
Hmmm. Anyway that's probably going to be the LAST piece of clothing I buy for a very long while.

My plan for the next few weeks is to sock away enough money for the end of month credit card bill. It's at $900 and it's only in the first week of the cycle! $500 of it was for the solicitors fees, but DF has already given me his half. I think between that and the $1000 deposit to the real estate, it has really eaten up all our spare money. I am not sure if we are allowed to transfer any money from our savings for the house deposit - that would make it a hell of a lot easier.
See we had saved and budgetted enough to pay for lawyers fees and all that, but that's in our deposit (which is in our savings accounts). And while finance is still in limbo - I am not sure if I am meant to be taking any money out or not. So technically $1500 that was meant to come out of our savings has come out of our OWN money instead, leaving us both a bit short. (so that's $750 of the $900 CC balance - whew! I can breathe now!) Plus I am about to organise a pest inspection for next week too. That will probably be another hundred or so.

Realisically, the purchase price is $320k. Our deposit, of 5%, is $16k. And we have about $18.5k in our savings. PLUS, on the date of settlement, we will be getting $14k for the First Home Owners Grant. I'm not relying on that, obviously, for anything except the solicitors fees, which will be between $500-$1000. (Actual amount between $1000-$1500, but we've already paid $500).
On top of that, we've already paid a $1k deposit to the real estate, so really we owe $319k. Am I confusing you yet? I'm confusing myself!
All I'm trying to work out is... I don't know...!
I guess I am trying to work out if it's alright to withdraw $750 from my deposit to pay for solicitors fees and real estate deposit. Not to mention we should be withdrawing $5k midweek for our finance deposit. I am sure THAT is ok to do.

But really, I don't NEED to withdraw anything, because the CC is not due until MARCH. (unfortunately, it will be due about four days before settlement - another reason not to rely on the home owners grant, not that I would do that anyway. The grant is for home stuff, not a credit card bill! even if the credit card bill is mostly for home stuff...)
I am just one of those weird people that like to see the money there for something, so I can calm down.

Still don't know about finance. They give us credit cards before we even find out if we have GOT the loan! Weird.

This week is going to be a big week for us. Well. I am freaking out over all the things we have to do:

-organise a pest inspection (we've been slack - initially we weren't going to do it as there isn't that much chance of termites seeing as it is a high set home that is over 30 years old - termites dont like dry wood. Anyway but then DF started talking about doing a pest inspection, so now we are looking into it).
-organise a time with the real estate for the pest inspection and so we can get a ladder and look in the roof.
-transfer $2500 each out of our savings accounts.
-organise getting a check for $5k for deposit on Friday.
-get a $75 voucher for Df's sister for their engagement party
-figure out something to cook for their engagement party!
-pack some boxes
-baby proof the house for when my brother and his family stay
-organise the spare rooms so they can sleep there.
-plus then there's the money issue. like gamecock blogging about having all this money sitting there and not being able to use it! I feel the same way. AND haveing guests over is going to stretch it a bit.


LOL. I just checked my bank account and realised I had forgotten that I had put $600 away already for the CC. God I'm an idiot sometimes...

sorry about the long winded rambling post.

so many credit cards...!

January 29th, 2009 at 11:41 pm

Well, I went and got my blood test! I didn't eat from 6pm Wednesday night til 3pm Thursday afternoon and was STARVED. (couldn't eat breakfast as I woke up too late, then when I got to work realised my 8 hours had started... grrr!)
I haven't exercised for about two weeks and I feel FAT and BLOATED beyond belief. It's amazing the good feelings you get from exercise, and I really notice it when I'm NOT doing any form of physical activity. I just feel much better when I do atleast a couple of sessions on my bike a week, and I feel like an athlete when I do six or seven days a week plus swimming. (an athlete that's lazy and on their holidays, exercising for 'fun', but an athlete nonetheless).

Today DF finished work early so I met him at the bank and we went in to do income vrification and get our new credit cards with our home loan bank.

We got American Express cards (!!!)

I don't know if it's different in America, but in Australia to get Amex you need to earn over a certain amount to get them, and they're sort of a 'status symbol' for a lot of people (not us though). Likewise, if you work in customer service, you probably have a bit of disdain for people who pay for things with Amex; in my experience they've always been rude and self important, and they pull out their Amex cards with a big show of 'oh HERE it is, everyone look, here's my credit card.'.

Anyway, so I won't be pulling that out any time soon.

We also got Mastercard ones, and they are giving us Debit Mastercards as well. WHY do we have so many cards???
They're all free, so I don't really care. I mean, I do CARE, but hey, it's free, why not have them? I'm not going to rack up debt on them, if that's what anyone is wondering. I don't do that sort of thing. He said we could have the debit mastercards if we wanted, or we didn't have to if we thought we wouldn't use them. I said I would rather have them incase we needed them where we didn't want to use a credit card, and we'll just keep them at home for the time being. They all come on one statement, so I'm not wasting paper either. :-)

But that's THREE cards! Plus we will have normal ATM cards. PLUS my Virgin/Ignite CC, my ANZ CC, my other bank ATM card, plus DF's Virgin/Ignite CC, his ATM card...


Anyway, I had a thought yesterday as well. Isn't it STRANGE that a bank will give you credit cards, when you're actually just applying for a home loan, before they even find out if your finance for a home loan is approved? It's like, you're borrowing hundreds of thousands of dollars from them, and they want to get a bit more in edgeways so they give a bajillion credit cards as well. Eh. They're not going to be making a CENT from the credit cards off me!

personal spending, health post

January 28th, 2009 at 12:00 am

I have decided to have a practice go at only spending my personal allowance each week, to see how hard it's going to be in a months time.
So far this week I have spent $91.04, which is around $30 more than I will have to spend. $33.90 of that was for my foundation, which is a one-in-six-month expense. It was originally $48 though, I had a gift card with $14.10 left on it. Looking back on the rest of the expenses, I already know that $25.60 is for food/snacks while out which were TOTALLY avoidable and unneccesary, I was just being slack.
So in normal circumstances I would have spent $31.54, which is only half of my budgetted allowance.
Next week I am going to try harder. I want to get it down pat BEFORE we start with this huge mortgage payoff thing!

Today I finished work early (3.30pm instead of 5ish) so I came home and hung out washing/folded washing, dishes, packed a box of books.

Lately I have been so tired, I don't know WHAT is going on. I should really stop procrastinating and get this second blood test done. (I have already pushed it forward to Wednesday...)
Tomorrow I will see if I can go 8 hours without eating at work, and if by the time I am finished I haven't eaten anything, I will do it then.

The doctor told me I have mild neutropenia. I have no idea what it is, other than something to do with low white blood cell count, and I'm not game enough to look it up on the internet - the last time I did that I freaked myself out unneccesarily.
It showed up on my last blood test, and I remember my previous doctor saying something about low WBC counts. If it shows up on this next one, then we'll know for sure.

Anywho, wish me luck on my 8 hour fast at work tomorrow. Me thinks I'm going to fail!

grr damn ebay buyers

January 27th, 2009 at 06:06 pm

Ok, so it's probably not their fault. But I just don't like the way they dealt with the situation.
I sold some skincare product on ebay. Cost including shipping was $33. They paid by paypal, and I sent the item the following day. A week later I get a message through ebay telling me they havent recieved it yet, had I sent it, and did i send it as a parcel. I said yes I sent it on XX/XX/XX, in a bubble wrap padded package. I got a message saying 'you should have sent it as a parcel. i paid $5 for postage. oh well it will be returned to you and i will get a refund through paypal'

First of all, I LOST money on postage, the bag cost $1 and postage cost $4.20. Secondly I told them how I sent it. Why did they ask me AGAIN.

Anyway. I sent an email saying to please be patient, I am sure it will arrive. After two days I heard nothing, so I sent another email saying that I would replace the item if they had not recieved it (I have one at home for my own use that I hadn't yet opened). STILL I heard nothing, so I sent another email saying that because I hadn't heard anything, I was going to go ahead and assume they had recieved it.
THEN the next day I got an email from paypal saying that person had opened a dispute and the money had been deducted from my paypal account!

again, WTF!?

What is WITH some people? Are they complete idiots?

Anyway, so I sent a message through paypal saying that I had already offered to replace the item and I was just waiting for their response, and what in the hell did they WANT from me? (actually, I didn't say that, I just said 'What exactly do you want?')


And the most annoying thing is this stupid rule of not being able to leave negative feedback for buyers now. ARGH.

All over a bottle of toner for $33.

family rant

January 27th, 2009 at 02:08 pm

First of all thanks for all the comments on my previous entry. Smile It helped me feel a bit better. I dare say it was a stupid thing to stress about, but I talked to DF about it again last night and he agreed with all the things I had to say. I also researched a little on the net and found out the two other stones you should use for an engagement ring are sapphires and rubies. I like the idea of a ruby so I think we've decided on that.
Also, last year a dear cousin of mine passed away whose name was Ruby. She was only 13. So it has a little bit of meaning as well.

I have decided I want to use up a majority of our food before we move. I realise it will probably be an expensive week in the grocery department when we restock, but it makes moving a bit easier because then you don't have to worry about things going hot or spilling etc.

Last night I used the last of our risotto rice, the last of our frozen peas and nearly all of the frozen vegetable bag I found in the freezer. I told DF that they would probably be very boring dinners for a month, but he was ok with it. (as long as he doesn't have to make anything, I think he's fine).

In other news, my brother, his GF and my little nephew will be staying for FOUR days instead of 2 now, because apparently they are not 'welcome' at my parents house. Which is not only pathetic, but childish too. (this is my parents I am talking about). I don't want to go into details because like I said, it's completely childish, but the long story short of it is, my parents went to visit my mums parents at christmas, and my brother lives nearby. He came for Christmas Day lunch but did not bring my nephew or his GF (they were at the GF's parents). My parents took this as some type of lame insult and now are offended at the fact that my brother and his family want to stay in teir spare room for two nights.
They haev had this trip planned for about 6 months, are DRIVING about 2000 kilometers (they live two states away). They can't exactly post-pone their trip until everything has been smoothed over. And the thing is with our parents - if you want anything to be smoothed over, YOU have to do the apologising, even if it's not your fault. I just think it is absolutely PATHETIC. It's such an immature way of dealing with problems. It's as if they're being sulking teenagers, not grown adults in their 50's.

Anyway, back to my point. I do love my brother dearly, and of course he is welcome in my house anytime, but not only is he lazy and eats a lot, he's loud and sometimes forgets to shower. (yes i know, ick.) However he HAS been better since being with his lovely new GF, and since they had a son together.

I'm also a little worried about the COST. When I stayed with them, they took me out to dinner and paid. Am I meant to do that with them? I am just one person, they are 2.5 people. EEEK! So in that respect, it means I am confined to the kitchen every night if I want to save money (which is no different than any other night - except my brother can be a bit of a snob about meals...).

Eeek. Anyway. I am trying not to stress. I am also going to try and work into our meals some things that need to be used up. My plan for our dinners when they are staying will be:

Tandoori Chicken Burgers (will get free bread rolls from work, use up some tandoori paste, a vege burger for me, and I will make wedges as a side dish and filler) Buy: Chicken, Salad Items

Spaghetti Bolognaise (will use up any leftover vegetables, tinned tomatoes, will have pasta in the pantry) Buy: Mince, Parmesan

Curry with rice (will use up one of the many curry pastes in the fridge, rice in pantry, use up leftover veges) Buy: Meat, Coconut Milk

Tacos (use up beans and veges, tinned tomatoes) Buy: Sour Cream, Avo, Taco Shells.

am i being a weird freaky non-girly person?

January 26th, 2009 at 08:01 pm

First of all, is it weird to want to go halves with DF on an engagement ring?

It is for me, after all.

And we're joining our finances. So technically we'll be going halves anyway. Isn't it better to just do it together from the get-go? I mean, I *DO* all the finances. I am going to find out how much it cost, and where he gets it from.

Also, secondly, I have some issues with the amount of money it will cost.

DF casually asked his best friend, who is engaged to DF's sister, how much their ring cost him. (I have no idea how you can casually ask this, but he managed to).


I don't know, is it just me or is that a lot? I mean, I am AWARE that LOTS of people pay thousands and thousands for engagement rings, but to be honest, we are ordinary folk.

I just... I don't know. I feel WEIRD expecting something like that. I would feel so STRESSED wearing something that cost that amount.

I said to DF (before I knew how much DF's sisters cost) that I'd be fine with whatever, as long as it was made to last, a couple of hundred dollars max, and I DON'T WANT A DIAMOND.

Even after finding out how much the other ring cost, I am still ok with the amount that I already said - but then I get pangs of doubt. Is it just because I'm trying to keep up with the Jones's? I realise I'm only stressing out now because I found out how much someone elses was. But I'm not stressing out in the normal way. I'm not saying 'I want you to spend $3k on my ring'. I'm now stressing out because I am thinking that's what is expected, and it ANNOYS me!

Is this weird?

Are we MEANT to spend that much? I just don't get it. It's really not important to me. I just want a nice plain ring with a ruby or something. It doesn't have to be all jazzed up. It doesn't have to have ten million stones on it or any fancy design. It can be one of those antique ones, too. It doesn't have to be 'made' for me.

Am I supposed to be more fussy than this?

I am having a severe i-don't-think-i'm-being-girly-enough attack. and i realise also that it's stupid. but it's still happening!!!

free spa!

January 26th, 2009 at 01:45 pm

We have a (very generous) friend of DF's that has been running his own spa installation and repair business for many years now. He makes awesome money (think, $8k a week in profit) but blows it all on a party lifestyle with his GF. The GF recently found out she is pregnant, and I think they have started to cut back in areas.
At the Australia Day BBQ yesterday our friend, M, mentioned as a housewarming gift he would give us a spa. GIVE us a spa. A 'several person spa'.
M has about 5 secondhand ones that need repairs. The previous owners were all rich, hardly ever used them, and when something broke that needed fixing, they just told him to install a better, bigger one. He said all we'd have to do is pay for anything that costs for repairs, which is usually tubing or fixings. He would install it for us and service it when we needed.
WOOHOO! Although, I am not an idiot. I realise we will have to pay for chlorine and other things to upkeep it. But it's a small price to pay when you think about the fact that I sometimes PAY to use spas at hotels with friends. So technically it will be saving me money...

Anyway. I'm not going to get too excited about it. (well...)
It could take awhile. And I'll have to work it into the budget. Smile

Oh and on another note, for our housewarming party, he has already volunteered to bring his portable spa (fits about 10-12 people) that he rents out to people. How exciting.

Happy Australia Day!

January 26th, 2009 at 01:30 am

Today (26th) is Australia Day! So I am wishing happy Australia Day to all my fellow aussie bloggers out there...

Being a public holiday I had the day off, so we watched Battlestar Galactica last night and went to bed late, slept in until 7am (OMG! late!). I drove DF to a river where all his friends were having a BBQ and doing the Triple J Hottest 100 Countdown.
I went to the doctor for a follow up of my blood test that I got a few months ago (been a bit slack on the follow up!). My cholesterol is down from 4.9 to 4.2, in a year! Awesome news. My iron is all good, my red blood cells are good. My white blood cells are STILL down. Last time I went they were as well. She has ordered another test for white blood cells and blood clotting.
Also this is the FIRST doctor that has said to me, after suggesting the 'cervical cancer vaccine', and me saying I understand all about it but DON'T WANT IT, she is the first to ever say to me that I probably don't need it. (!!!) This is a really big deal for me.

Anyway, after the doctors I went to the shops and bought some new black ballet flats ($9) and some foundation, as I was down to the bottom of the bottle ($48). Then I went and joined DF and his friends at the river side until we got to the end of the count down at around 6pm. The 2nd song was Electric Feel by MGMT and the number one top song for 2008 was Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon.

Whew. Well a big day of not doing a great deal. Back to work tomorrow!