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exam results! wedding party, uni etc.

February 28th, 2011 at 09:42 am

We have started handing out the invitations to our wedding party. SIL screwed up her nose at the idea of it not being a 'sit-down' event. I don't think she gets the 'party' bit. She still thinks it's a wedding. Um, no. That's why it says party on the invitation.

DH just didn't want people to be sitting around tables all night - we remember all the weddings we have been to and you end up just talking to the person next to you and missing out on everyone else. Or it's awkward if you take someone's chair for a while to talk to someone else and they come back...

Of course there are chairs, we are just not encouraging everyone to be sitting around all night.

DH's uncle has offered to source, pay for and bring already chilled, champagne for the toasts, around 12 bottles. That is a weight off my mind. Not only buying them (the cost) but also picking one that's nice for not a lot of money, and yes, cooling them.

Uni started today and my textbook arrived just in time. I had to buy it new ($132) because it is a new edition. I plan to only use post-it notes on it and pencil, and then re-sell it. As it is a new edition, I should be able to hopefully get around $80 for it. Yay. Might start looking for next semesters books too.

And lastly, the best news EVER.

I recieved my marks for my last two subjects on Friday. These are the two I did horribly at, stuffed all the answers on the exams, and generally just hated because of the lack of organisation from the lecturers.

For the ACC subject, I got an A.
And for the MGT, a B.

Big Grin

Somehow I managed over 75% in the exams... and the marks from various other tests and assignments helped (my Accounting assignment got 93%).

Such a load off my mind, and gives me more confidence to keep going, knowing that I CAN apply myself. And I am so glad to have realised early on that I don't like psychology subjects, as study material. It would have been something I wondered about for years, to do a management psychology subject early on makes me realise I could never do it in life. I don't think, anyway.

And on a completely random note, DH and I will have been married for an entire two weeks tomorrow Big Grin

2 Responses to “exam results! wedding party, uni etc.”

  1. momcents Says:

    Good news all the way around!!

  2. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Way to go on the grades! You've really worked hard.

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