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August 7th, 2010 at 12:56 am

Today I met a friend for breakfast and then we decided to go to a local market. There was a guy doing palm and tarot readings at a nearby hall for $10 and my friend talked me into it. Actually she asked if I wanted to, and I shrugged and said sure, why not? Could be fun. And then she danced around like a crazy person for about half an hour because I said yes. LOL. I'm not really into any of that kind of stuff, and she is A LOT. We're best friends but pretty much polar opposites. It's funny and sometimes weird. She has asked me a hundred times to go to psychic expos with her and 'read this fantastic self help/affirmation etc book, it's fabulous.' Errrmmm. No thanks?!

Anyway, so the guy let us both sit and listen to each others. It was scarily accurate, but I guess the individual will selectively read into and listen to the parts they want to hear anyway. And I'd say some small part of what is said is taken just from your body language and what you look like as well. But nonetheless, it's interesting to watch someone at work this way. For instance, the same could be said for profilers, therapists, behavioural anaylists etc. It's a very similar thing, used for a different purposes.

Of note in mine:
I have atleast two if not three 'child' lines. The marriage line is defined. Apparently I'm creative, very much into the art and music scene, and like 'nice' things. Money came up a lot on the cards. My first card signified worry, the second card was to do with partnership & marriage. (Interesting fact: Last night, DF and I were talking about possibly skipping a wedding altogether, and getting hitched without telling anyone...) Apparently a decision must be made, and I need to be more confident and put myself out there. He said something about a house, and family lending assistance to do with it. (Interesting fact #2: DF's mum gave us $4000 for part of our deposit. And DF's dad constantly helps with renovations.)

Anyway, it was all very interesting and fun and makes you think about things! I guess that is why lots of people find these types of things helpful: having someone talk about something, even if they don't know how it correlates to your personal matters, just puts a different spin on things. Have you ever had a tarot or palm reading? Was there any accuracy?

3 Responses to “palm reading”

  1. Amber Says:

    Hmmmmm I too am not for those things but it seems like when ever any one has a reading its the same thing, finances, relationships and family. I do believe it allows you to rethink one's situation

  2. monkeymama Says:

    Eh. I saw a palm reader when I had the 2 kids with me, and all she really said was that, "OMG, you are so BUSY!!!" Or something about being really busy in the following months, and having a lot on my plate. I honestly felt like she presumed, like most mothers I know, that I was stressed out to the nth degree and this was an easy angle. It actually wasn't what I expected, and I didn't feel it was accurate at all. Big Grin

    Now that I think about it, this was not long before before my dad and husband had all their health problems. If she told me my world was going to turn upside down and I'd be facing some of the bigger challenges of my life, I'd be a believer! I couldn't even interpret her reading to cover this though. She was pushing the whole workaholic angle or something. Nothing about my plate being full with hospitalized family members.

  3. whitestripe Says:

    yeah, I think a lot of it is based on stereotyping and general assumptions. when the guy said the thing about the house, he implied in my early 30's I would settle down and buy a house Big Grin and I think this was a very general assumption that a 22 year old could not have bought a house in this area. the 'family assistance' part was accurate - but the same could be said with a lot of people in our area, due to property prices.

    also - it would be fair to say I was into music & art if you took into account the way I was dressed. (I was actually wearing a Ween shirt, MM! Smile) But if you didn't know it, you would think it was some kind of superhero comic shirt as it just had the boognish face-thing on the front.

    So yeah - I think if you are cynical/skeptical about these things they don't 'work'... but I see how people can put faith into it too. I guess though, sometimes all it takes is someone else pointing things out to you that they have noticed about you, that you haven't realised yourself.

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