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detox, adding to the gym

May 27th, 2010 at 10:44 am

Not a lot of news on my end lately.
We've been spending a bit here and there. It's one of those months where I'm afraid all the little purchases are going to add up BIG TIME. *sigh*

Tomorrow I'm embarking on a detox mission. I call it a mission because I've never done one that has been quite so long - the minimum is 3 days, they recommend 10 days, so I'm aiming for 6 Big Grin (Which will take me to Wednesday) I'm quite excited about it really. I haven't done one in some time, and I always feel super energised and brighter after. I need to make a note to not leave it so long til the next one. I don't think there's anything wrong with cutting out all the bad stuff for a week or so. Thoughts?

I had a very low spend day today. Just some grocery items. DF is excited because my food will be very basic for the next week or so, but as he does not want to do the detox with me (his work is much more physically demanding - it would be silly for him to do it while having to work) I will be cooking him super special meals, like beef stew and all sorts of goodies I can't be bothered cooking normally (because I'd have to make my own meals as well as his - this way it's easier because I'm just cooking for him - my meals are simpler).

Hmmm. What else?

We're about to begin hunting for a punching bag, to add to our 'home gym'. So far we have a full set of weights and a weight bench, a spin bike and chin-up bar. I'd love a treadmill, but they're so expensive and take up so much room. Plus, the WORLD is really a treadmill, when you think about it! Also, I'd feel guilty using the treadmill when our doggies sit there, waiting for a walk. Poor darlings!

Have seen one (punching bag, that is), not on special, for $200 which is well made and durable. So, hoping with some sales hunting we can find that brand or similar, for less.

I also REALLY want some fitflops, but I can't justify paying $100 for them. They're thongs! (flip flops for you guys). Argh. But I just love the idea.

That's all my news for now!

1 Responses to “detox, adding to the gym”

  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    A punching bag is one piece of equipment I'd love to have someday. What a great way to relive stress! Smile

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