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updates and such

May 22nd, 2010 at 08:10 am

Hmmm. Update time.

I did buy the bathroom set. First off I looked at all the other, apparently cheaper, stores and couldn't find anything for that price or less. So I think it was a bit of a score in the end anyway... even though I initially just wanted it because it was pretty. Big Grin

I also bought some footless tights, as the ones I had from last winter have a huge run in them. I only just noticed it the other day. Don't know how it happened. And bought some 'house socks'. They're wooly and knitted and cute, with pom-poms. Big Grin Not really neccesary, but they will do instead of slippers this winter. Spent $13 on the tights and socks.

Spent $5 on a coffee for the drive home as well. Geez they're getting expensive. It would have been cheaper if I'd gotten the small size, but I went all out and got a regular mocha. Living a little crazy!

Poor DF is still working, it is 5.30pm on a Saturday Frown He is not sure when he will get a day off next - he has lots of work ahead. His last day off was last sunday .... and the one before that was three weeks earlier. Which is good, in a way. I just hope he remembers that he hasn't had much work. And remembers that there is ALWAYS a light at the end of the tunnel - sometimes you just have to stick your head down and keep going til you reach the end.

Jeds foot seems to be getting better. I was able to take them for their normal walk yesterday and today. and did not see him limp once. YAY! must have just been sprained. I am also glad to get back to the walking - I did not have the energy to while I was sick. I am still slightly sick - the cough always seems to stay about three weeks longer than it does for anyone else I know. I'm special Big Grin. But I have the energy to take them (and the guilt is wearing me down!!! poor little puppies want to go frollicking!)

DF says on the next day he has off (whenever that is) he is DETERMINED to fix the stove and oven. He keeps suggesting things we could make (he thinks about food more in winter - soups and stews and crumbles...) and I keep saying 'Well, I could make it .... *IF* we had an oven/stove!' LOL.

Paid our car registration yesterday. DF and I have ours due three days apart. Last year the annual registration was around $523 per car... THIS year it was $655 each. GREAT.

My dad sent me and DF some music. It all started because DF asked me to buy an album by the Clash, so I went to the store where we generally buy all our music and could not find anything by them. And I couldn't find a sales rep either, so I phoned my dad while I was at the store (he works at their head office as a music buyer) and asked if he could look and see if the store had any in stock and they didn't - which would be the reason I couldn't find it! Anyway, so he said not to worry and he'd send it to us. Big Grin And whenever he sends me a CD, I get about 20 others as well, and some DVD's and stuff. So yeah, that's a bonus! Love getting parcels from my dad! Big Grin

Tomorrow is my day off this week. I am going to the markets to buy incense Smile

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  1. rob62521 Says:

    Congrats on the good shopping. Enjoy your day off!

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