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April 29th, 2010 at 11:04 am

We did a bit of house stuff on the weekend, and I think we both kind of felt a bit accomplished afterwards Smile.

I cleaned the walls and the roof (on the inside), did a major tidy up, about a million loads of washing (it had been raining the past few weeks) and DF mowed the lawns, did some weeding and mulching and put on another home brew.


Some major stuff happening at work. Can't be bothered writing about it now, might save it for a separate entry. But it's nothing bad, atleast not for me. Maybe for my boss Smile


Got our electricity bill ($224 - for three months) and both our car registrations ($655 each for a year), all in one week. I'm so glad I put money aside each week for bills. I don't think I could live like some people do, not knowing when bills are coming and freaking out about big ones that come in the mail. Atleast with my method, the money is ALWAYS there.


Next week is my Aldi Shop Week. I think I kind of need a bit of stuff too! I'm getting used to it now, planning roughly a months worth of meals.

We could kind of cut down a bit I think - but I don't often plan meals based on cost - it's more on variety. We don't eat super expensive meals and nothing is pre-made, everything is from scratch. So when I plan meals, I base it sort of around having several 'lighter' meals like salad & grilled tofu, with a couple of indulgent and tasty 'pretend it has no calories' meals like a pasta dish or a cheesy toasted panini, and then one or two medium meals like soup or stirfry or vegetable curries.

I realised I really don't know where to start when it comes to cutting down the prices of our meals. Or rather, I'm not sure I really WANT to. Overall our grocery bill isn't that ghastly, but I'm sure many here could beat it easily. We enjoy food and I like to cook, what can I say?


We have a friends 30th Birthday party to go to on Saturday. He has made the theme as 'facepaint'.
DF and I are thinking of doing our faces like sugar skulls (like Sylvia Ji's artwork, if any of you have ever seen it...) it might work well...? Big Grin

1 Responses to “updates....”

  1. ceejay74 Says:

    If you're not struggling for money, don't mess with your grocery situation. You and your fiance are sitting pretty in terms of health, eating whole foods, fruits and veggies on a scale that not many people achieve, at least not in "developed" countries where processed convenience foods are widly available and fairly cheap. Your system is working, so I wouldn't try to deprive yourself. Smile

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