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busy week, more BS about work. argh.

April 21st, 2010 at 10:07 pm

My busy week is almost over. I survived the awards night, it was terribly boring and I hope I never have to go again. To be fair, I got a free meal and drinks out of it, and some entertainment.

It was a Shangri La themed event. It seemed I was the only person who had seen lion dances before, everyone was like 'What IS this?' and to the martial arts displays, my friends says 'WHAT are they doing? Aren't they meant to be fighting?' And I had to explain that they do presentations in dance form - to which everyone looked at me like I was an alien because I knew this information. 'What?' I said 'I used to DO this stuff...'
(I honestly didn't think I was that culturally aware - I have NEVER been overseas, but when you put me in a room of 100 or so bakers, apparently I'm the one to know, lol)

Yesterday I worked for three hours and then had an appt to go to in the afternoon. Today I am working from 9.45-6pm, and tomorrow I work early morning then have to go home and have a quick shower before meeting DF's sister. Then on Saturday I am working. Somewhere in between I need to do a small amount of grocery shopping...
Atleast I get Monday off!

A little confused now about work. At the awards night my work colleague mentioned that her and our boss were talking, and my boss mentioned to her 'We have to get Whitestripes fast tracked apprenticeship going'.


I'm so annoyed and exhausted about this now. This is what it has been like:

About 9 months ago: 'Yes Yes, of course, I'll talk to the trainer.'

About six months ago: 'I haven't talked to the trainer but I will next time I see him.'

A couple of months ago: 'Well, everything has changed from how it used to be done, and now it's reduced pay and 18 months long, but don't worry about it, you're good and you'll be able to get a job anywhere'

and now THIS?!

Now I feel like even though I've made the decision to go to university, I HAVE to do this apprenticeship because I've asked for it twice.

Is it bad that I hope he'll forget about it again, until June or July, when I can say 'Oh, it's too late, I've applied to go to uni...' ???

2 Responses to “busy week, more BS about work. argh.”

  1. Broken Arrow Says:

    Cool! Didn't know you took martial arts. Kung Fu? What style?

  2. whitestripe Says:

    BA, I used to do aikido, but have not done it for a few years. i was on the way to getting my yellow belt but had to stop because of school Frown but it's amazing what knowledge you do retain, even after so long i can still pull some moves on DF Big Grin

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