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todays expenses

April 18th, 2010 at 07:37 am

I worked yesterday and only spent $3.05 on a drink. Today I dropped DF off at a friends to do some motorcycle lessons, and went shopping.

Isn't it funny sometimes when you set an amount to spend, and then can't even find anything you want?

A few items of clothing are in need of replacement, so I said to myself, 'Ok, I will look for a few tshirts, a denim skirt, a cardigan, some boots...'

Wouldn't you know it, all I could find was a cardigan! *sigh*

Expenses today:

Fruit & Vegetables: $26.85
Magnetic Knife Strip: $29.95
Coffee: $3.95
Ice Tea: $4.00
Snack: $3.90
Cardigan: $24.99
Dish Drainer: $7.05
Lunch: $5.30


I am going to be working on setting up a new savings/expenses plan. Obviously in reality nothing will really change, but on PAPER it will be worked out differently. This will probably be my next post.


On Wednesday DF's sister and I are going 'underwear shopping'. She lives in a rural area so if she ever does any shopping of any sort, it's basically a 'day trip' to a town near us. She mentioned she needed new stuff and so did I. We organised it about four weeks ago but it kept getting re-scheduled. So this Wednesday it is *actually* happening. I only need a couple of things so I am setting myself a $100 budget.


DF and I noticed lately our doggies are getting a little chubby! At first we thought it was the new food (still a bit iffy on the amount to give them, it just doesn't seem like enough compared with the old stuff...!) but then realised it's because they're putting on their winter insulation Big Grin so cute. They are little roly-polies. (Ok, so you can't really notice it that much, it's just that we see them every day so we do notice it when they aren't as lean as usual.) But it is just so cute.

1 Responses to “todays expenses”

  1. HouseHopeful Says:

    LOL. I know EXACTLY what your'e talking about with the winter weight! Furbabies are adorable Smile

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