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dog food trial

April 12th, 2010 at 07:18 am

We have started to trial our doggies with a new brand of dogfood (dry food - we don't feed them tinned food).

Previously we were using a couple of different types of mid-range dryfood, like Pal, Pedigree etc. About $7.50-$8 for a 3kg bag. It lasts about 8 or 9 days between the two of them.

Having spoken to the vet about which is the best to feed them health-wise, he said basically with dry food, you get what you pay for, and he explained that with premium brands generally you don't feed them as much as you do the mid to low priced range.

So at the moment I'm trying out a brand called Optimum - $11.55 for 2kg. I measured out the correct amount to feed them - and it was literally HALF what I had to feed them with the other brands.
I felt like I wasn't giving them enough over the past few days with it, as they really seem to like it and eat it as soon as I give it to them, unlike the other stuff which they pick at through the day.

So today I gave them some more after they'd eaten the first amount, but they didn't touch their seconds Big Grin I guess this means they're getting enough.

(BTW: I can buy it in larger bags which means it's slightly cheaper, I just wanted to try it out first.)

What do you feed your dogs and why? The reason I ask why, is because for our own groceries I would never sacrifice my health to save money at the checkout, so I don't see how it can be ok for me to do that with our dogs either. So to a certain extent, money doesn't come into play when it concerns our dogs food. I'm obviously not going to feed them Wagyu Beef and Caviar, but I'm not going to feed them something full of preservatives, sodium and pigfat either.

2 Responses to “dog food trial”

  1. gamecock43 Says:

    I switched to a premium brand called "Taste of the Wild" and my dogs are doing well on it. They were doing well before on IAMS too though. But I started reading about all the useless stuff in the midgrade food that dogs dont need, and about how the worst of the worst of the animal is put into the food. I also learned about how Vets get a commission for selling brands in their clinics and making it appear as though it is "vet recommended". So I upped to be better quality- its about $40 for the largest bad possible (i dont know the size)...about twice as much as the IAMS price really.

  2. Rick Says:

    We feed our greyhound "Holistic Select"
    She does well on it.
    It's a bit pricing though.

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