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Only one day off this week.

April 10th, 2010 at 11:05 pm

A collegue is sick (in hospital, she has been there for nearly three weeks now - absyss on her spine?) so I have had to cover some of her shifts. Another is also on holidays, so I think over the next week or so it's going to be interesting regarding shifts etc.

I had to work yesterday (Saturday). I also had to work a Saturday two weeks ago, for the same reason. Which I don't really mind, because it makes up for the two days I lost over the Easter period.

What really annoys me sometimes at work is that my boss and his wife tinker so much with the roster so as to not let anyone work overtime (overtime is actually 30 hours a week for us, because we're all casual-based. why casual? oh, so that my boss doesn't have to pay for holidays and sick leave, that's why. casual rates are more than permanent, but still, it'd be nice to have a paid holiday like everyone else.). I understand it's a family business, bla bla bla, but even in times like this, where we are down 2 staff members, they still stretch everything out just so they don't have to shell out an extra $100 or so (even though they are actually *saving* money because one person is on holidays, and I am doing their job - so really they are paying one less wage when someone goes on holidays.) It is like they look at this as an opportunity to save money or something. When really it just stresses everyone out and customers get annoyed because there's hardly any product.

So over the course of the next two weeks I am working as a 'shop girl' instead of my usual baking/cake decorating duties. Which is fine, because to me that's like being on holiday, only I get paid Big Grin

But the most annoying thing is that then there is no stock to actually sell, because my boss only seems to do a little bit of extra work and finds the time to go fishing and sometimes only comes into work for an hour or two. So by the time the other woman gets back from holidays, I will have to work twice as hard to get stock up so there is actually stuff available to buy.

Or even better, sometimes my boss expects me to serve customers, AND make product. Sometimes I can do it, but I don't see how it's fair that I have to do two jobs, when the normal shopgirls sit around and flick through magazines, and I don't get paid any different.

It just pisses me off is all. Just because someone goes on holiday doesn't mean everything should stop. So what if you have to pay someone a couple of hours of overtime? Atleast the shop will run smoothly. Or am I just being a big crybaby about it?


4 Responses to “Only one day off this week.”

  1. ceejay74 Says:

    I completely sympathize. I got annoyed at our last staff meeting, when they were bragging about our exceeding our profit goals for the month. And then at the end were like "don't forget another furlough day [unpaid time off] is coming up next month." I'm like, uh, can't we use that extra income to like pay us? It sucks feeling used.

  2. whitestripe Says:

    it does suck. big time.
    but i guess that's the whole thing about working for someone else. they're always going to be making money out of you - no matter how people spin it about being a good opportunity or a high salary, unless you're the owner, you're never going to be getting the better part of the deal.

  3. frugaltexan75 Says:

    That really does stink. You wonder if the powers that be realize that by running things this way, they not only are hurting their business (i.e. customer satisfaction) but they're hurting employee morale? Eh.. they probably don't really care.

  4. baselle Says:

    That does suck and it looks like your boss is shooting himself in the foot. If there's no product, nothing gets sold, no profit gets made, business goes downhill, guy is fishing for food.

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