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Banjo is now with us!

December 23rd, 2009 at 09:58 am

I took him home with me yesterday, and he and Jed get along fine. I think Jed is still a little confused. He keeps looking at us as if to say 'What is this little thing following me around?'

I bought him some things at the discount store today. A lead, the same as Jeds but in a different colour, some feedbowls (there are SIX feedbowls lined up on our verandah! one each for water, dry food and wet food) and a collar. I had to buy him a cat collar because everything else was too big - he will grow out of it in no time though, and then we can get him a proper one. So currently we know where he is 24/7 because he has a little bell on him. So cute!

We have gone a little crazy with spending money this month. It seemed like as soon as we bought one thing, money just kept spilling out!

Granted, we did find some good deals, which is why the money was spent now, instead of later.

DF found series 1 of Supernatural for $29.95. (I've only ever seen it for $40-$50).

And I found series 1 AND 2 of Californication for $24.92 each, so I bought them both Big Grin (We watched them in about two days).

Then I found series 3 of X files for $21 including postage on eBay. I can't get it at the store for less than $32.95 ON SALE.

To balance it out, we used a $20 voucher I got for internet surveys to pay for some of it, and I sold a bottle of skincare product on ebay for $31 ($4.40 postage and $1.31 in ebay fees).

My friend finished watching In Treatment, and once I get it back from my other friend, I will re sell it. Apparently it is fetching around $80 - which is way more than I paid for it a few months back (I think I paid $65). Atleast I will get roughly what I paid for it back.

I also bought some underwear which was around $70, some leggings for $5 and a shirt for $5, and DF bought two tshirts for $20.

So yes, coupled with a couple of breakfasts out and a couple of takeaway dinners, we seem to have had a bit of a spendy month. And it probably won't stop now, we realllllly want to go and see Avatar at the movies, and the only chance we'll get is next week.

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  1. Ima saver Says:

    Enjoy your new baby!

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