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how do your holidays affect you?

October 12th, 2009 at 06:17 pm

I've always had a somewhat predictable pattern whenever I return from a holiday - whether it be a 'going away' holiday or a 'stay at home' holiday.

1. I stop watching a lot of television. I think it's the ads that annoy me the most. And the meaninglessness of it all. I still watch shows that I love, like Topgear etc, but I don't bother to channel surf for something to do. This usually lasts a few months or so, until I start to get worn down by the daily grind and don't feel like thinking about anything for a few hours, hence Neighbours works itself into my schedule.

2. I clock-watch at work. Not noticeably - no one sees me doing it. But I find I need to know exactly how many hours, minutes, seconds I have left before I am let free for the day.

3. I start fantasising and dreaming up ways so that I don't have to work. Or don't have to work as much. This is possibly done in conjuction with the above mentioned clock watching. 'If I didn't buy any clothes for a year, reduced my spending money by half, found a cheaper phone plan and started growing a bigger vege patch... I could have one day off a month...' is regular thought while I ice bar-cakes and decorate elaborate 18th birthday cakes. Oooh look, it's now five minutes closer to home time...

4. We start eating differently. While most of our meals are healthy, I find after a holiday I get more enthusiastic about cooking again. I make more meals that require time and effort and more stages of cooking. I get interested in aquiring and trying different spices and odd ingredients. For instance, have you ever used the spice mace? It is a similar smell to nutmeg (actually, it is from the outer shell of the nut of the nutmeg), but it gives a beautiful warm flavour to dishes...

5. I start to spend time doing things that I never found the time to do before, such as just sitting on our deck with our dog and a book.

6. I spend less time on the computer. Is this a good or a bad thing? Not sure, but it sure does free up a lot more time. I have gone two days without checking facebook, saving advice or my emails. Previously unheard of for me. And you know what? I don't mind. I log on and then log off again in a matter of seconds. I guess a holiday reminds me there is LIFE out there, away from cyberspace.

7. I read before I go to bed. It's something I do when I am on holidays because I don't have a definate time to get up the next day, and it's something I try to keep up, atleast for a little while, after my holidays.

8. I start thinking about what I'm spending my money on. I start asking myself if it's worth it. Do I really need a piece of overpriced frittata, or am I just buying it because everyone else is buying food? Do I really need to buy papertowel, or couldn't I use some rags instead? Is there a use for all these cleaning products, or is the bicarb, vinegar and bleach in my cupboard good enough? What could I use my money for, if not for this? Oh, another holiday!

9. I start thinking up ways to make our everyday life better and more enjoyable. Just little things, that probably seem like they don't matter, but they make a difference. Like playing cards or boardgames together once in a while. Inviting friends over for barbecues. Going for walks together. Making three course meals just because we can. Sleeping in on weekends. Going to comedy shows. Having tapas on our deck for lunch. Having picnics with friends at parks and botanical gardens. Trying out a nice bottle of wine every now and then.

I am sure there are more things that I change after a holiday, but these are the most obvious, that I can think of right now. Why? I guess going on holiday, and then the shock of going back to work, makes me realise that we WORK to live, and that I personally want to live more than work. Does your holiday affect your life after you get back?

2 Responses to “how do your holidays affect you?”

  1. monkeymama Says:

    No, can't say it does. Big Grin I am always just more relaxed and refreshed. But happy to get back to my routines.

  2. baselle Says:

    It always happens to me. Vacations throw me off my ho-hum routine, leaving me to create a new routine. At least it highlights the cob-webs of the old routine. It sounds like you've gotten re-invigorated from your vacation and that's a good thing, in my opinion.

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