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september totals

October 5th, 2009 at 06:09 pm

Well, these are my September totals. They are conservative, in fact, we probably spent more than this, I just haven't kept track very well. Though I did go through the credit transactions, so this is *almost* everything.


Mortgage: $1523.08
Groceries: $508.14
Bills: $907.71
Petrol: $147.56
Personal Loan: $148
House Repairs/Maintenance: $158.62
Appliances/House: $151.45
Work Expenses: $317.65
DF Fun: $119.79
Me Fun: $201.08
Dining Out: $141.70
Entertainment: $64.00
Misc: $184.85
New Bed: $1498.00
Vet Bill: $644.55
Gifts: $24.41
Health/Grooming: $21.48
Total Spent: $6762.07

Deficit: $1284.77

I'm actually quite pleased with this figure! Even though it appears to be ugly (a minus is always ugly, unless it's on the scales!) we had some extra expenses that weren't planned. Car repairs, for one, which is why our bills were so high. Fortunately, I have a separate account for bills so that was covered. It is still an expense though.
The new bed. Probably could have found a cheaper one, but we are happy with the quality.
Vet bills, wasn't expected at all but what can you do? The $644.55 was for an emergency ceaserean for DF's dad's dog. (pictures still coming, I promise!)

Income was down too, that was another major factor. I had a week off, and DF is just starting to get back into full weeks of work.

Technically the new bed comes out of our 'stash' of money, (which is depleting rapidly! still there, but the pile is getting smaller! we are seriously going to focus on building it back up from now on.) If we take away the bed expense, we would be in a surplus rather than deficit, so there we have it.

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