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car repairs :(

September 22nd, 2009 at 10:00 pm

A few weeks ago on the way to DF's sisters wedding, my car overheated. Well, the temperature gauge went right up to high. We were going quite fast and had the airconditioning on as well. We pulled over and DF goes to me "Have you checked the oil lately?" to which I reply "Umm... that would be a no..." (we live on a hill and there is no level ground. when i am at work I always forget to do it. also, i had only gotten it serviced four months ago...)

Anyway, it cooled down and we were able to drive on, but the temperature remained at a quarter to high the entire way. When we got to DF's sisters house we checked everything and it was fine Big Grin The only thing I noticed was the thermal fan didn't click on after a few minutes running idle. BUT, the car had cooled down considerably as well, so it wasn't a proper test.
When we drove home, and since, the temperature hadn't gone up again.

So yesterday I took the car in for it's service and mentioned it, and the mechanic rang me later to tell me the radiator is blocked and that is what caused it. Because it's aluminium apparently it can't be flushed (I looked it up after DF and his dad both told me I was getting ripped off, and it turns out it IS actually true!) so it needs replacing. Also my battery is on it's last legs.

So I know DF can do all these things (replacing them), but the issue is TIME, and I don't want to be stuck without a car if the battery dies. DF has a lot of work on at the moment and I don't know when he will be able to do it all. Also, the mechanic has fairly good prices, he does not charge huge amounts for labour. It is $280 for the radiator and $105 for the battery.

All up I will be paying around $40 for labour. I am fine with that. The mechanic is a good guy, never does anything without asking me first, and lets me know in advance if he is concerned about anything. I think it helps that I know slightly more than the average girl about cars (atleast, I know where everything is Big Grin)

So anyway, more expenses! But atleast this time, car repairs comes out of our bills account. Phew!

3 Responses to “car repairs :(”

  1. ralph Says:

    Yeah, that's not bad at all. A good mechanic is great to have!

  2. John DeFlumeri Jr Says:

    That's great that you were ready for the repair bill.
    Good budgeting!

  3. boomeyers Says:

    Honest mechanics are hard to come by!

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