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meal plan, food rant (!)

September 16th, 2009 at 12:57 am

I am going grocery shopping this afternoon with some friends. I made a list yesterday and just realised as I made myself a coffee at work this morning, that I forgot it! ARGH!

How annoying.

So, to help me remember, I'm going to type up my meal plan for the next week:

Wednesday: Grilled Haloumi & Vegetable Skewers
Thursday: Miso Soup with Tofu & Vegetables
Friday: Burgers
Saturday: ? (Takeaway or a BBQ)
Sunday: Pasta
Monday: Carrot, Sweet Potato & Pea Risotto
Tuesday: Romani Gnocchi (Semolina) with salad
Wednesday: Indian Balti Curry

Most of the items I need I already have in the pantry, which is good. I am preparing to be attacked for being 'healthy' this afternoon. (what a laugh! I hardly think we're healthy, I would say we are more 'moderation' eaters)

You see, while one friend is sort of used to my 'unusual' (read: miso, tahini, lentils etc) grocery purchases (she still routinely comments on the weird things I buy and exclaims to the cashier how healthy I am - WHAT?!), I have not yet been grocery shopping with the other friend. I already know that most of the things she buys are prepackaged and 'normal', so I won't be surprised at her purchases, but as I said, I think, no, I KNOW, that she will comment on mine. Not that I care, but I am just preparing for it Big Grin

I do wonder though, if someone can judge me and make comments on MY purchases, howcome it is deemed rude to say to someone else "Wow, you are so unhealthy."

For example, lentils. Sure, not for all people, I accept that. But someone I know had never even eaten them, bought a packet, cooked them plain, took one bite and told me she could not believe I ate them regularly because they taste like shit.

Well, of course they going to taste a bit bland if you don't cook them properly.

So am I allowed to say to her then, that I can't believe she feeds her children artifically flavoured 'chicken' snacks out of a packet, I mean, do you know how to read? Have you LOOKED at what is in those? Or when she sends her child off to school with a JAM SANDWICH, a packet of teddy bear biscuits and a bottle of cordial for lunch, good manners require me to say nothing to her about the lack of nutritional benefits in that childs lunchbox. I'm a rude SOB if I tell her she may as well give the child a piece of cardboard and a pen lid for their lunch.

*sigh* I don't really know where all that came from. However, having gotten my rant out now, I will not attempt to educate my friend on what is so bad about a pre-made jar of pasta bake sauce Big Grin

4 Responses to “meal plan, food rant (!)”

  1. baselle Says:

    There, there... let it out. The line about "a piece of cardboard and a pen lid for lunch" I'm going to have to steal. Hope you don't mind!

  2. whitestripe Says:

    haha no i don't mind Wink

  3. Nika Says:

    Oh, I know how you feel!

    When we go to costco (for cat food, litter and supplies like aluminum baking trays or swiffer wipes) I see so many parents with kids and their carts are full "juice" drinks that have less than 10% juice, sodas, frozen dinners, cereals that have sugar listed as the FIRST!!!! ingredient, etc... I also keep thinking "Can't you read? Why would you do this to your kids health?"

  4. cassandra Says:

    I totally think you should ask her in return, "Why are you so unhealthy?". But I am evil like that. Big Grin

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