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expenses, movie, book

September 9th, 2009 at 01:30 am

Monday Expenses:
$136.42 Groceries

Tuesday Expenses:
$40.01 Petrol

Wednesday Expenses:
$9.00 Jewellery


Well, I can explain the jewellery! I got a $25 GC from a jewellery store loyalty card program for my birthday, and they were having a half price off sale. So I bought a butterfly necklace that was $69, for $9! I thought that was not too bad Smile

I just watched a movie called Love The Beast, it is a documentary/movie Eric Bana made about his car Smile I loved it.

Anyway, probably not a mainstream movie in the US so I doubt anyone would know what I'm talking about. But it does have Jeremy Clarkson, DR Phil & Jay Leno in it...

Went to the library on Monday to return some books and borrow new ones (yay! for free books). I am utterly disturbed by one of the books I am reading called Chemical Pink, about bodybuilders. It's like a car crash, you know you shouldn't, but you look anyway. I am a little repulsed by the book but be damned, I'm going to finish it!

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