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August Total Expenditure :0

August 31st, 2009 at 10:29 pm

DF: $1733.00
Me: $2495.95
Other: $20.00
Total: $4248.95 ($1062.23 p/w)

Mortgage: $1523.08
Groceries: $573.08
Petrol: $222.96
Phone & Internet: $78.10
Car Repairs: $52.87
Mobile Phone: $56.75
House Insurance: $69.39
Life Insurance: $53.67
Property Rates: $1083.21

Personal Loan: $148.00
Pet Supplies: $17.50
House Repairs/Maintenance: $134.94
Appliance/House Gadgets/Tech: $13.79
Work Expenses: $210.02
Clothes: $12.00
Shoes: $313.95
Dining Out: $148.50
Entertainment: $12.87
Misc: $59.80
Gifts: $12.49
Health/Grooming: $99.75
DF Fun: $317.70
Me Fun: $307.25
Engagement Ring: $2000

Total Spent: $7521.67

Deficit: -$3272.72

Ok, so by first look this is all a bit scary. But add into the equasion:
Bills: $1393.99
Of which I had the amount in a separate account.
So, deficit is now: $1878.73, which is fine because the engagement ring was $2k. So TECHNICALLY we were in front this month by $121.27, if you can believe that. The purchase of the engagement ring was to be taken out of our savings.

DF also earned about HALF what he usually does, due to having no work on.

But, all in all, August was an expensive month. We spent more than we should have in terms of fun money, but only went out for dinner once, for DF's sisters marriage dinner. Bought running shoes, which were a huge expense at over $300.
Groceries are quite a bit more as we had a bit of a party last weekend.

Areas to improve in September:
Fun Money
Petrol (???)
House Maintenance

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