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whats with this weather? also, bought new sunglasses

August 24th, 2009 at 11:55 pm

August seems to have been a low post month for me. I seem to be doing a fair bit but nothing that is really post-worthy.
I also have been having difficulties recording spending. I'm laxing at it, which is a worry. I know I will kick myself later for it, I annoy myself when I do this because then it isn't done properly and I can't rely on the figures later on. I like things done orderly!
So I am making the effort to do it, even though it has become a chore this month.

The weather has been odd the past week. It hit over 35 degrees celcius yesterday (and it's meant to be winter). But, two states away in Melbourne (about 3 hours by plane), it was hailing with 6.5 degrees celcius temperatures. What the?!

Interesting though, they interviewed a guy (you know, a weather guy? can't think of his proper title right now, having a blonde moment) and they asked him direct questions about global warming, whether this is an indicator of it. He skipepd around the questions very carefully, sitting on the fence. Very good at it, but it struck me as odd.

I guess some people don't want to enter into the debate, you never know, he might have political interests that he might be protecting. Maybe he hasn't made up his mind, or rather he doesn't want to be labelled as one of either of the groups; those that believe in global warming and those who think it's a crock of ****.

It's all rather funny when you think about it. The way some people refuse to accept that the planet is dying. Call it what you want, it's obvious the world is not the same as it was 500 years ago.

Sorry, don't really know where that rant came from!!!

I finally bought some new sunglasses on the weekend, $49.95 polarised Mangrove Jacks. NOT a brand name, btw. Ok, so technically it is a brand, but not a 'brand name'. Mangrove Jacks are pretty much the only sunglass makers I can find that make good quality pairs under $140 that are polarised, I am forever their customer. (If you've never had polarised lenses, you're missing out). I have gone through three pairs this year. I had one pair (an MJ pair) that lasted me two years or more, that finally snapped at the arm. Then I went onto a pair I got for free with a magazine, which snapped within a few months. To tell you the truth I was quite happy, they were uncomfortable and not polarised. Then I found another pair I had gotten for free, so the cheapskate in me made me wear them until they snapped too. These cheap ones don't last long do they? Looking forward to another 2-3 years with my new MJ's!
It annoys me though, all those STUPID fashion glasses, Prada, D & G, CC's, they have the LOWEST rating for eye protection but people buy them because they're supposed to be good quality, because they're a luxury brand. Get off it. I saw a girl with a pair of Prada ones, (also had a Guess bag and a million other designer labels, of course all the badges showing so you KNEW it) and my mind screamed "You are a tool!". I seem to be getting cynical. Frown

Bought an anti-aging cookbook. I realise at nearly 22 I don't need that sort of thing yet, but the recipes looked divine. Mostly centred on fish and fresh veges, everything just seemed so fresh and clean. I am going to try out a few this week. It must be this heat making me want to eat salads and all that again. Bye Bye soup! See you next winter!

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