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what i did today, what i must do tomorrow

August 20th, 2009 at 08:14 am

Did not do much today. I worked 6am-2pm, drive half an hour to pay a $100 deposit for the ink work (turns out both will take around 3 hours each- $150 an hour, you do the math. good thing he has a waiting list, it seems!)

Went to look at a bed, DF agreed with me he does not like the look of it in real life (looked much better in the magazine!) so we did not buy it. saved $600? sort of.

I bought a coffee and a fig & pecan biscuit while waiting for DF, $6.55.

We're going to look at more beds next weekend, will compare prices.

This weekend we're having a barbecue, lots of family coming over. I've already bought a few dips and crackers, i will buy ingredients for salads on Saturday.

planned menu:
balsamic roasted potatoes
bbq meat & vegetables & tofu
pesto pasta salad
garden salad

Tomorrow I must:
- tidy kitchen
- tidy dining/living areas
- tidy deck
- do laundry
- set up spare rooms for guests
- tidy our bedroom
- vaccuum & mop floors

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