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a nice dinner out. inappropriate behaviour?

August 1st, 2009 at 02:01 am

We went out last night for dinner. The food was delicious. We have never dined in there, only had takeaways (which are always good, too!). We walked, it took us about 20 minutes. All up the food cost $41.50, and DF and his mum went halves in a bottle of wine ($12).

It's my birthday in a month. I would like to have a dinner out at a restaurant, but am a bit afraid of offending some people if I don't ask them. See, I have gotten to know a friends other friends pretty well, so they would expect me to ask them. They are all lovely girls, but it is as if they don't know how to behave when out in public.

I am YOUNGER than them (I'm 21 turning 22, they are 24-25), but when I go to a nice restaurant, I am concious of the other diners. DF's friends (28-32 years old) are concious of their surroundings too. I have no problem inviting every single one of DF's friends (who are, of course, my friends too). But these other girls, they talk loudly, about inappropriate topics (in a family restaurant), they swear, I have even had the pleasure of being out in a restaurant with them when they have started taking photographs of each others cleavage, and making it obvious.

It might be alright in a pub (possibly - I wouldn't do that kind of thing though) but I just feel very uncomfortable being around them in that kind of situation. But I don't want to offend them either. I don't know them well enough to tell them to stop, it's not as if they're children either, so it's not my place to tell them, even if I did know them well.

Am I being a prude, is this the kind of behaviour expected from people in their mid 20's? They're not 'trash' types. They're normally fine to be around, it just seems when they get together they revert to being 16 years old, at school. Or something.

Anyway. I guess I could just have a dinner without telling any of them. *sigh*

1 Responses to “a nice dinner out. inappropriate behaviour?”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Ugh...I find the behavior you describe of those girls very inappropriate, especially at family establishment.

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