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gift ideas? credit limit increase? fixing interest rate?

July 29th, 2009 at 02:07 am

I sold all of my eBay items, made just over $100 which is good. Unfortunately, I spent $62 on eBay while listing the items (I slipped and fell... and bought a tv series on dvd...) But! That's fine because that's what the sales were for anyway.

This weekend I might look through my stuff and list a few more items. The eBay fees and PayPal fees are a killer though, sometimes it just doesn't seem worth it.

I don't know what to buy for my friends birthday gift for Saturday. It needs to be not very expensive - I do not know her that well and it only needs to be a small gift. Whatever it is, I will give her a bunch of flowers as well (there is an abandoned house accross the road from us with some lovely flowers next to the footpath - so that's free). I was thinking either some body stuff or chocolate. I am not feeling very imaginative today.


We have lots of expenses coming up next month. Rates are due ($1023) my speeding fine Frown the engagement ring and normal bills, we need to buy a new queen sized bed and mattress so we can put our old one in the spare room, plus we might get cracking on building a fence around the property, and I have no idea how much that will cost. It will just be the cost of materials as DF and his apprentice can do all the labour on their slow days or work.

We have not seen a movie at the cinema for the entire month! And we have both kept well under our allowances. Dining out has been below average and our groceries are on budget! Woohoo! I feel like we are getting somewhere this month. Or atleast, preparing for a huge expensive month in August...


I think I am going to have to call our bank and request a credit card limit increase. We come very close to the $5k limit every month. It's useless to us if we have to transfer money over to it BEFORE the bill is due, and BEFORE the interest hits on our mortgage. I may as well buy everything with our debit card, or withdraw cash and pay that way. Better yet, why don't I pay with seashells! Big Grin
I just don't know if they will approve the increase; we have only banked with them since Jan/Feb of this year. We have $700 remaining in available funds and it is due August 3rd. Will that be enough to last? Hmmm, we will see...


I'm thinking very seriously about calling to fix half of our mortgage on the current interest rate. Things seem to be picking up - but is it just the eye of the storm? I have not really felt the recession has impacted much around here. Sure, I got a shift dropped for a few weeks, work was a bit slow, but it is nothing like everyone describes in the US. I've only known a couple of people who've lost their jobs, and they seemed to have waded through a little bit, picked themselves up and got another job pretty quick.
Decisions, decisions!!!

2 Responses to “gift ideas? credit limit increase? fixing interest rate?”

  1. tightwad kitty Says:

    As soon as the unemployment start to right its self interest will start going up if not sooner.

    Start getting your information on fixing part of the mortgage. Act sooner than later.

    As for the Credit Card balance just learn to live on less and just don't pay the minimum amount either it will just get larger by this time next year and you will be looking at $10000 limit.

  2. whitestripe Says:

    kitty: we always pay the balance on our credit card in full - but we use it for rewards points, and keep the money in our main account, which is an offset account for our mortgage. a $10k limit actually sounds good to me, that is what i had for my last one which i am about to cancel. i would NEVER spend more than we make, or more than we could pay off.

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