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expensive dog toys

July 26th, 2009 at 06:55 pm

Our neighbour came over on Saturday and said some other neighbours had complained to him about our dog making a noise when we leave in the morning. First of all, we HAVE no other neighbours except them and the people who are on the higher side of the street - who also have a dog and are fine with Jed. There is also another dog three doors down that makes a racket about everything, and I mean everything.

Even so, I apologised and told him unfortunately it is going to take him a long time as he is older, already been with another owner, yadayadayada...

When we went to the shopping centre on Sunday to buy him some more toys, we pretended to leave and then when he started making a noise, DF went back and got him, and put him in the toilet and left him there for the time we were out

( and with his waterbowl, food, a couple of toys and a bed - why the toilet? because it is the only room you can have a window open where no one will break in!)

I am hoping by doing this he will start to associate his noise with being put in there. (???) He was quiet when we returned, so I don't think he makes the noise for a long time. Poor little guy has some serious issues!


So on the financial aspect of this post, we spent $80+ yesterday while shopping. I bought some new work shoes ($30) and DF bought two dvd's ($18). The rest were dog toys and treats. We bought him one of those toys called a kong ($14!). First we put vegemite in it because that's what some other people told DF that their dog liked, but Jed didn't like it that much, so we tried peanut butter. He liked that! But he is still a weird dog that prefers our company to food, bones or treats.

We also bought a coffee for me ($5.40) and a juice for DF ($6). How expensive are things lately? I realised I have not bought takeaway coffees for along time, only at cafes.


We also had lunch (fish and chips) with our friends again at the park. This time DF and I got less chips, so got the price down to $18.90.

1 Responses to “expensive dog toys”

  1. smiley2009 Says:

    Wow!! Such a spendy day I don't understand the neigbors a pain the butt they seem like!!

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