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First Vet Visit! Anti-bark collars?

July 22nd, 2009 at 02:55 am

Today was Jed's first ever vet visit!

(His previous owner 'didn't believe' in vets. When I told the vet that, he said 'really, it's not that they don't believe in vet care, more that they don't believe in parting with money'.LOL!)

I have to say I think he did quite well. He did not pee on anything! He tried to bite the vet after the first needle, so he put a muzzle on him for the second, which worked fine.

The two things DF and I were worried about turned out to be completely normal quirks that are characteristic for a small dog breed. (His last ribs stick out instead of in, and one of his front legs turns to the outside when he sits or stands still).

For two needles (vaccination and heartworm), 3 months of flea control treatment, a worming pill and health exam it cost $209.50. We saved $15 for booking at the same time as our parents two dogs.

To get him desexed and microchipped it will cost us just over $250, which we will get done very soon. (He has been 'spending time' with DF's dad's female Jack Russell - we are 99% sure she is pregnant now, so we are just going to wait a bit to make sure, then book in for the procedure).

After that is done, his yearly registration will be $10 a year, instead of $106! So in three years the procedure will sort of pay for itself. I mean - if we didn't have a dog that would obviously be the cheapest option... but this is the best you can get next to NO dog!

I really liked the vet we went to. It was a man and he was very nice and helpful, and very calm, even when Jed went to bite him! He printed out LOADS of information for me because he is our first dog, even a leaflet on separation anxiety! Smile And he gave me some numbers for obedience school too, which we might think about. He is quite a good boy to begin with but it wouldn't hurt to take him to some lessons.

One of them offers anti-bark collars for hire - anyone have any thoughts on those? Have you ever used them? Why would you NOT use them? Jed doesn't bark, but as I've mentioned, he howls. I know howling and barking are different - not sure if he should be 'punished' for howling. Don't even know if they work for it!

Thoughts, experiences and advice would be appreciated! I have never used one, only have known one person who has (who has used them on their farm work dogs) and am undecided on them. Please share! (Note: I don't actually INTEND to use one, I have no plans to get one, as he doesn't bark. I just want thoughts and experiencs! So, before anyone starts on me - I am not thinking of getting one FOR Jed.)

7 Responses to “First Vet Visit! Anti-bark collars?”

  1. six Says:

    Please do not get the non barking collar that gives out electric jolt... get the ones that spray citronella (?) instead if you have to. It's more humane.

  2. whitestripe Says:

    six: if you read my end note, i said i am not actually getting one. i just wanted experiences and thoughts.

  3. six Says:

    lol! I read everything but the end notes. Sorryyy... I was too tired zzzzzzzz

  4. dmontngrey Says:

    We used a shock collar on our howling beagle. I know firsthand they DO work on howling and they work quite well. They also work FAST. Once, maybe twice - all it took. After that - we just put a plain collar on her (she wears a harness normally) if we wanted her to learn to be quiet at that time. Now, she only barks when it's ok to. She was just howling because she was lonely. She needed to learn that was not acceptable. You just have to decide what's best for your own situation. I wasn't happy with having to do this, but we would have to get rid of her (live in a condo) otherwise. Now she's happy and has a nice home. I haven't heard good things about those citronella collars at all.

  5. whitestripe Says:

    thats ok six Smile and thanks for your story dmontgrey it was interesting reading.

  6. whitestripe Says:

    and i have never heard of citronella ones. What do they do?

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