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Meal Plan

June 23rd, 2009 at 10:48 pm

This is a loose meal plan for the week, starting from tonight. I say 'loose' meal plan, because sometimes, as a lot of you probably experience as well, you just don't feel like eating/cooking what you planned to.

Wednesday: Beef Ragou Pie for DF/ Miso soup for me

Thursday: Feta and Oven Roasted tomato tart.

Friday: Pumpkin stuffed ravioli with a tomato sauce.

Saturday: BBQ at a friends house

Sunday: Rice Pilaf (with lamb for DF)

Monday: Bolognaise for DF/ Vege Pasta for me

Tuesday: Slow Cooker Meal for DF/Mexican Tomato Beans for me with rice.

I found out something the other day: DF doesn't like seafood. He likes fish and bug tails, but nothing else! Seafood is the only meat I will occasionally eat (like, once a month or less), and DF grew up with his dad being very into fishing and seafood. I love prawns and crab meat, and we were watching master chef the other day and I mentioned I might make some kind of grilled prawn dish and DF was like 'YUCK!'. So then I found a recipe in a book for a crab linguine that looked delicious, and he said the same thing. It came as quite a shock to me, I've known him for 9 years!

Anyway. I guess you learn something new every day eh?

3 Responses to “Meal Plan”

  1. Counting Pennies Says:

    Mmmm... the pumpkin stuffed ravioli sounds really yummy!

    too bad that fiance doesn't like seafood because that crab linguine sounds delicious too, lol. Smile

  2. ceejay74 Says:

    Wow, do you cook meat for him? If so, you're very nice. Smile Although I don't mind making real-cheese versions of things for NT and AS, and once in awhile I will pan-fry a salmon filet for AS, it would be hard for me to work with red meat.

  3. whitestripe Says:

    yes i cook meat for him. a year ago i ate it myself so i don't see why not Smile i am not one of those people that won't touch meat - i just don't want to eat it. i don't mind if something is cooked on the same pan either, and i will eat a dish that has had meat in it, i will just pick it out and give it to DF. i guess i am not really your run-of-the-mill vege person.
    plus i really don't mind cooking meat. i love to cook, and there are so many beautiful dishes out there. i understand why other people don't do what i do, but i could never be that strict with myself. the main reason i became vegetarian (or pescetarian) is for two reasons: i don't actually LIKE the taste of red meat, and for all the health reasons. all the other stuff just helps back me up when people pull the stunned mullet face when i say i don't like it lol.

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