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my year without sex

May 24th, 2009 at 02:33 am

haha. yeah right.

No, actually... it is the title of a movie that I saw last night at the cinemas with a friend. I do not normally like paying full price for a movie ($16.50) but after watching it, I am happy that I did.

In the US you probably won't have it at the cinemas(but I could be wrong), it is an Australian film. Very well done with quirky characters, about a lower-middle-class family who's mother suffers a brain aneurism. She is not allowed to do heavy lifting, hold in sneezes or have sex. It's a great movie, if you ever get a chance to watch it, do so. It's a great look at ordinary life in a family, and all of the characters are really endearing. The family goes through such a tough year, made worse by the fact that the mother isn't feeling as close to her husband, and seems to also be going through a 'revelation' type phase of her life, almost like a mid-life crisis. So, as I said before, it's a heartwarming story, see it if you ever get the chance.

We also went out for dinner before the movie, to a nice little vegetarian restaurant. I have been there a few times, it was originally run by hare krishnas but they have taken a step back. Their merchandise is still there, and they still play their music, though. They also give out over 200 meals per week to the homeless.

Anyway. So dinner was $13.50, movie was $16.50, and I also bought a coffee.

Yesterday I also went to the growers market for fruit and vegetables, and spent $27.50.

This morning I went to another market with the intent of buying marigolds to plant near my lettuces, so the bugs don't eat them, but about half the stalls weren't there! The weather has been very windy and rainy lately, so I understand. But they missed out on my sale! I spent $4 on a coffee.

I am planning on going to the supermarket for a few odds and ends. I think I may even be able to stretch this pantry challenge to the week after next week! Why? Because we will probably have leftovers from the party, which I would like to incorporate into our meals next week to use them up.

Oh I nearly forgot:
My exercise challenge for the month was to do 12 sessions of 40 minutes or more of exercise.
Week 1: 2 sessions (40 minutes yoga each)
Week 2: 5 sessions (60 minutes yoga each)
Week 3: 6 sessions (5x60 minutes yoga, 1x40 minutes pilates each)
Week 4: ?

So, I have done 13 sessions, and I have a whole week to go. I have exceeded my goal and have 7 days left to go!

Next week I plan to do atleast two sessions of pilates, as well as yoga. I know that I will be unable to do any on Saturday, and possibly Sunday, as we will have people over.
I know that yoga is meant to be relaxing, but the dvd that I have is actually really hard! (which I like!) DF snorts and says 'yeah, but I bet it doesn't get your heart rate up', and well, there are several sequences where I am out of breath, so ha!

5 Responses to “my year without sex”

  1. Broken Arrow Says:

    Oh, a movie. Big Grin Yeah, I'm going to have to say I've never heard of that one in the states. Like it or not, the US is still very conservative when it comes to matters regarding sex, and even such a title would NEVER fly in mainstream cinemas here.

  2. whitestripe Says:

    really? I can think of only 2 at the moment, zack and miri make a porno, and sex drive... Both have come out of the states, I know there are heaps more....

  3. whitestripe Says:

    oh and dont forget sex and the city!

  4. Apprentice Bliss Hunter Says:

    Sex Drive is a hoot !! Loved it ! watched it on DVD recently....

    Sad to say that in not too many months time.. I will be "achieving" :-S my year without sex.. hehe

    Ah, the joys of male singledom.. :-)

    Too much info I know... but meah...none of us know each other and I'm just being honest....

  5. Broken Arrow Says:

    Oops, my bad! I know Kevin Smith has gotten flak about Zack and Miri, and I think some movie theaters opted not to show it in their cinemas.... The others I haven't heard of.

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