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spend spend spend yay!

May 17th, 2009 at 05:42 am

Well, that's what today felt like anyway.

We had to buy some new towels and a guest blanket. It took us about half an hour to decide what towels to buy in Myer. They were having great specials on Sheridan, Vue and Country Road towels, but in the end we opted for some organic cotton towels made by an australian made and owned company. And they were softer anyway! We bought 4 @ $15 each (2 beige and 2 x navy), and 2 x navy handtowels @ $10 each.
We also bought a beige fleecy cotton blanket that was marked down from $55 to $23. And then we decided to buy some flanelette sheets for our bed, marked down from $70 to $40, seeing as it is winter... Big Grin
AND THEN we decided to have lunch out as well, @ $46.40.

1 Responses to “spend spend spend yay!”

  1. Nika Says:

    You have a new house! It is impossible not to buy some stuff like that. You are being restraint comparing to many people.

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