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eating out of the pantry Part 2

May 16th, 2009 at 07:22 am

Well, I have done the shopping for the week, so I thought I would type out a list of everything I have on hand. Not only because I like doing lists (Big Grin), but I wanted to see what everyone elses ideas were for meals. Lunches and breakfasts are sorted out. I am interested in trying out the sachets for the slow cooker - so that I can do it from scratch next time Big Grin

1 x Serve vegetable pasta sauce
1 x serve mexican beans
2 x serves lentil dahl
bag of frozen peas
1 loaf sourdough rye bread
1 loaf multigrain bread
5 sheets puff pastry
200g beef chuck steak
3 vegetarian sausages
3 packs of 6x beef sausages
1 x vegetarian patty

skim milk /plain yoghurt
plain yoghurt with fruit
butter / parmesan cheese /tasty cheese
feta/ricotta/filo pastry
coconut milk/ sliced beetroot
kalamata olives /sundried tomatoes
chilli/bbq/tomato/soy sauce
tahini/assorted jams/mustard
whole egg mayonaise/8 free range eggs
rice vinegar/balsamic vinegar
pumpkin/bok choi/carrots/brocolli
cucumber/grape tomatoes
mixed lettuce leaves/fresh spinach
green beans/unhusked corn cob
sweet potato/potato/zucchini

large variety spices/herbs
risoni pasta/spaghetti/penne
flat rice noodles/vermicelli
lentils/ taco shells
white rice/arborio rice/brown rice
pinenuts/walnuts/ tinned peaches
chickpeas/kidney beans/cannelini beans
tinned tomato/tomato passata
wholemeal SR/Plain flour/rice flour
golden syrup/honey/ chocolate chips
castor/brown/raw sugar
tuna/olive oil/bi carb
muesli/beef & red wine casserole slow cooker sachet/beef rendang sachet/garlic & herb lamb shank slow cooker sachet

2 Responses to “eating out of the pantry Part 2”

  1. Nika Says:

    Wow, that is a thorough inventory! I wish I was that organized.

  2. whitestripe Says:

    i'm not really that organised - i just went shopping and had the list with me, and checked a couple of times Smile

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