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dead toaster

April 19th, 2009 at 07:21 pm

Well, I have not posted for a few days.
On Saturday I bought a skirt that I had been eyeing off for months ($35). I also bought a singlet top ($10.38) and another nice top with lace-y bit on the shoulders ($31.99). Our toaster died, which we paid $9.98 for about four years ago. I decided to upgrade, and bought a $27.95 Breville toaster. Fingers crossed it lasts a bit longer! I also bought a coffee $3.75 and a headband $3. Yesterday we went out for lunch, so DF and I bought a membership to the RSL (won't let you in without one) $11. Lasts until the financial year end (June) but they also gave us $12 in drink vouchers. Our meals were delicious - we spent $27.95.

DF hopes to have his car going by the weekend. It is exciting for him as he hasn't had a car (that goes) in YEARS.

I have been having a recurring dream that my car won't start. Which is odd because I have NEVER had a problem with the ignition in real life, it always turns over in the first few seconds. I wonder what this dream is meant to mean?

2 Responses to “dead toaster”

  1. smiley2009 Says:

    Your so smart whitestripe I'm going to keep my fingers and toes cross that your car remains in tip top shape!!!

  2. whitestripe Says:

    lol thanks smiley Smile

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