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todays update

March 31st, 2009 at 08:14 am

Today I spent $3.20 on a piece of carrot cake (which was technically a waste of money because I wasn't even hungry - I just 'felt' like it - grrr!), and $20.15 on fuel. The woman at the counter gave me a card that gets me 3c off per litre, if you buy the E10 variety, which I normally do. Yay!

Either this weekend or next weekend, DF and I are going to sit down and work on a list of things we want to buy for the house, and things that need to be done for the house.

I am not sure about DF, but I have a four day weekend next week because of Easter. It's good and bad: I lose out on approx $296 (gross) earnings - but I get two days off!!!

This is the first week of tracking expenses jointly; I am a little apprehensive, but I am going to do my best. Basically I only need to track what we spend in cash really - and just remember what we BUY when we use our credit cards. I think we should be alright.

Tonight I made roast lamb for DF with roast vegetables and steamed greens, and we will probably have leftovers for lunch.

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