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100% bond refunded!

March 30th, 2009 at 06:15 am

I just stopped into our ex-real estate to pick up our bond refund forms. They spelt my name, DF's name, and DF's sisters name wrong on the form, so it took about 20 minutes for them to find out what to do to change it. Every single piece of correspondence I have recieved from them has had my name spelt wrong - and in about five different ways and combinations! A couple of times they even put DF's last name as my name as well. They are absolutely hopeless and I would never use them for anything in the future.

Anyway. As I was saying, we got all of our bond back. So DF gets $506, I get $508 and DF's sister gets $506. DF's sister owes us $44 for the flea spray as well. I also collected a cheque from them for an overpayment of rent, $300. I will put it onto our account tomorrow.

That will bring our account balance to around $11k. It makes me a bit nervous having our emergency fund in our main account - simply for the fact that every time I log on I am going to see that balance and go "oh, everything is peachy". But I will have to get used to it, as it is saving us thousands of dollars in interest every year!

Today I spent $3 on a vegetable peeler. It was on special. Actually, I bought one a few days ago, then went to the shop again for something else and they had a different type of peeler there - one that is more ergonomic. But I thought to myself "no, I have already bought one" but then I got home and used the one that I had bought and it's pretty terrible - same brand, but just a different type that is harder to use. So I decided to spend another $3 and buy the one I bought today.

I booked a haircut appointment for Friday afternoon. It will probably cost me around $65. I have decided I am going to chop off around 4 inches, being long it is just too annoying and hot - I know it is coming into winter, but it does not go below -5 degrees celcius normally, and only in the mornings. I have had people say 'don't cut your hair, it is getting close to winter...' It is generally between 15-25 celcius during the days, I don't think it will make a difference if my hair is shorter or longer.

On Thursday a friend and I are going to the spas again. It will be $30 each. I am looking forward to it.

I have a little bit to do this afternoon. I usually waffle around and achieve nothing, so here I am again with my to-do-list:

- wash dishes (done)
- tidy kitchen (done)
- hang out washing (done)
- fold dry washing (done)
- unpack CD's (not done - but did linen closet instead)
- tidy dining & coffee tables ( 1/2 done)
- cook dinner (doing now!)

I am not sure yet what to have for dinner. I am thinking roast vegetables and salad. Nice and easy, and like I mentioned in my last post, will use up our fresh items that wilt easily.

2 Responses to “100% bond refunded!”

  1. NJDebbie Says:

    Wow, you still have $11,000 in your account and you just bought a house? You're doing great congrats!

  2. Blue Eyes Says:

    That's great!!

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