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a bit of a spendy day for me today

March 29th, 2009 at 05:40 am

Today we finally went to the market - it has probably been about three months since we have been there.
I got a weeks worth of fresh veges for $32. And I got a handmade bar of Vanilla, Honey and Oatmeal soap for $4. So really, the veges were $28. I got: half a pumpkin, potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, brocolli, cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, brussel sprouts, onion, eggplant, fresh figs, plums, avocados and bananas. Everything is locally grown and organic produce. I am planning on using all the wilty-stuff in the next few days, and we will have soups and stews and bakes for the end of the week, so that I can utilise the freshest ingredients first.

I went into town to meet a friend for lunch and get a dress fixed for the engagement party we are going to on the 18th. I was silently chanting in my head when talking to the clothes-alterer lady: 'please be no more than $50 to fix, please be no more than $50...' and it was $20.00! Yay! (The dress only cost me $100.00 - I didn't want to pay a great deal to fix it).
The boning had cut through the inner lining and was stabbing me every time I wore it - so much that by the time I would take the dress off I would be bleeding! I know - horrible. *sigh* It's a gorgeous dress though - I am always looking for ways to wear it more. It is strapless, lined with a black silky satin type material and then has a delicate cream lace overlay, with a black satin sash. It's fitted around the bust and then has a dropped waist.

Anyway it will be fixed by Wednesday so for that, I am pleased.

I also browsed a store and bought two items that were half price - a denim skirt for $10 and a lovely black broiderie anglaise-detailed top for $12.50. Very cheap prices, I am quite happy with them. I also bought a pair of dunlop shoes for work/gardening for $15, on sale from $24.97. And I bought some muscle soak granules for the bath at $6.50.

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