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february goals over view

February 24th, 2009 at 10:23 pm

I did 17 out of 27 of my goals for February. Eh. Not flash but atleast I did more than half...

[x] pack items that won't be used in the next two months
[x] survive having my brothers family visiting me (oh yes, i'm serious!)
[x] stick to my 'allowance' each week of February (as a practice to the real thing starting in March) (well... almost...)
[x] sort out accounts with new bank (savings, offset, everyday, EF etc)
[x] decide on a starting amount for EF and a plan of action to build it up
[] get my car serviced
[x] cook three new dishes
[] ride exercise bike 3 times per week
[] swim atleast once per week
[x] read a book
[x] begin to organise new budget
[x] make an appointment with doctor to go over blood test results
[] clean my car!
[] lose 1 kg.
[] try to incorporate a healthier eating plan into our day (see below)

[] walk or cycle three times per week, for 20 minutes or more (only managed once a week)

[x] drink 1.5 litres of water a day

[x] do not buy any more flavoured milk when at work. a big ask! (YAY! saved myself $37.20)

[x] begin to replace coffee and coca cola with teas. (have hardly drank any cola except at work, have started to drink teas and my coffee consumption is generally 2 a day)

[x] do not purchase cakes or snacks when having coffee with friends, for the whole month of feb. (another YAY moment! i have eaten MEALS with friends, but that was at proper meal times, I haven't been ordering anything in the in-between times)

[x] cut down significantly on processed/sugary/fatty foods. (my target was cut down 95% but I would say it was about 65% - not the greatest but i did cut down)

[x] begin to MAKE desserts. (i have made more than i normally do, but am still working on getting DF to cut down eating icecreams)

[] consistently serve up smaller portions at dinner time. (i'm not ticking this because it hasn't been consistent - i have been serving smaller portions but probably only about half the time. other times i forget).

[] chew my food. (HA! of course i chew my food, but i don't take the TIME to do it like a lot of people... sigh...)

[x] SNACK! (have begun to do this but i need to work on it a bit more)

[x] eat fruit - tinned or fresh (most days i have)

[] Weightloss of 1kg (i haven't checked lately but i think it has only been about 500g so i'm not going to bother putting it in here)

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