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December Expenses

December 31st, 2008 at 03:22 am

Well, here we go. Last month of the year!

Income: ($2976.40)
Job #1: $880.00
Job #2: $1564.60
Other: $153.30
Taken From Savings: $378.50 (gift fund)

Savings: $430.00

Expenses: ($2574.60)
Rent: $506.68
Groceries: $180.81
Petrol: $87.97
Loan Payments: $148.00
Extra Loan Payments: $20.00
Skin Care: $29.95
Health, Beauty & Grooming: $100.15
Gifts: $106.50
Bank Fees: $20.95 (ARGH)
Phone & Internet: $28.00
Car Insurance: $474.86
Electricity: $96.58
Mobile Phone: $96.58 (1st bill)
Alcohol: $54.09
Takeaway Beverages: $86.00
Takeaway Food/Dining Out: $137.80
Magazines/Books: $22.20
Clothes & Shoes: $115.54
Entertainment: $59.57
Staff Lotto: $8.00
House/Appliance/Tech: $16.87
Accomodation: $152.50 (for 2 nights in Jan)

I am not exactly sure how I should be working this. Any suggestions are welcome:
I automatically transfer $65 per week into a bills account, and then I pay all my bills on CC then transfer the money over at the end of each cycle. I don't keep a running tally of my bills account though because I buy EVERYTHING on CC and transfer that amount each day into the bills account. So I have two totals in my bills account: CC balance and yearly bills. Ideally I should have enough money at any given time in my Bills Ac, as well as whatever I charge on my CC, for car repairs, car insurance, rego, racq, electricity, phone & internet etc etc etc.

Does that make any sense? So I am thinking I should be keeping a running tally of how much is there for bills as well. Hmm... I might start a few new spreadsheets and tinker around with tracking systems so I have a new system for 2009. Exciting, but dreary at the same time...

Ok, so an analysis of my December spending leads me to the realisation that I hate bank fees. And no, before you suggest, I am not changing banks to a fee free account. It's a bit too tricky to do that right now.

Petrol: Good. Under budget.
Groceries: Good. Under budget.
Bills: well, all bills were higher than expected. car insurance went up $80 because I no longer get the discount my friend organised for me. SHUCKS! (I got it a year longer than I meant to get it though so I am happy!)
Made some small, extra payments on my loan which I am happy about. I don't want to do anything drastic because, even though I'll get people breathing down my neck about it here, it's not my main priority at the moment.
Savings I am quite happy about.
Grooming, well, not thrilled about that. $74 for a haircut? bah.
Fun categories: *sigh* Not too bad but not great either. Somehow spent $54 on alcohol even though I hardly ever DRINK! bah.

There's my totals for December!

January Goal:
-No alcohol expenses.
-No makeup expenses.
-No magazine or book purchases.
-Limit takeaway food/dining out to $150.
-Clothes and shoes... oooh... can I do it??? goal: under $80 for January.

3 Responses to “December Expenses”

  1. Nika Says:

    You did a very good job categorizing your spending. I will attempt the same next month.
    I don't think it looks bad at all - it looks like you are being restraint and responsible, especially for a 21 year old. Smile

  2. Amber Says:

    I agree do not think you did badly either, I would however keep track of the charges on the cc in order to compare with the amount in the bills account though.
    I have cut back on my grooming for the last 3 weeks I have washed and colored my own hair saving me a total of $105 which I added to my house fund

  3. whitestripe Says:

    thanks guys Smile i will attempt to do some kind of graph or something on my spending habits through the year - when i am feeling very ambitious...

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