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never make plans to not spend money...

December 24th, 2008 at 09:36 pm

Well it seems that as soon as I make the plan of not spending any money on clothes this year, bargains leap out at me when I'm walking along. It's just not fair!
On Tuesday I made the decision to see a movie by myself (first time ever!). I'd finished all my work for the week and it was cheap Tuesday. I planned to see Four Holidays because it sounded funny, but when I got there I just couldn't do it. I'm just not a Christmassy, chick-flicky girl. So I bought a ticket to see Quantum of Solace (again). I felt like a huge weight had been lifted once I bought that ticket... odd, I know...
Anyway I had half an hour to kill so I was going to grab a bottle of water and a juice, but I walked past a shop that I sometimes buy things from and they had a 50% off everything sale, and a few tables and racks of things for $5. I found eight items I liked for $5 each but eventually narrowed it down to five. So, $25 later...
In my defence that is a great deal. I got a pair of knee length black shorts, a plain black tshirt, a black singlet with silver detailing, an orange button up cardigan and another black shirt with some neckline detailing.

And later that day a friend asked me if I wanted to go bowling with her and her sister. So I did. I got $2 off because the guy put us through as students, which was nice. (I am soooooooo not a student...) So I spent $25 on clothes, $5.95 on a cold drink, $9.50 on a movie, $17 on two games of ten pin bowling, $6 on drinks and $5.60 on icecream.

Way to go on the not spending money thing, eh!?


I'm not going to beat myself up about it. It's December. Tis the season. And I am sure I spent a lot less than many other people this year.

1 Responses to “never make plans to not spend money...”

  1. Amber Says:

    Clothes is definitely my weakness, so now when ever I get the urge to buy clothes I hit the gym or the furniture store looking for future...home furnishing for my future home

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