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new pants for work

November 28th, 2008 at 09:28 am

Well today I spent $50.50 on two pairs of pants for work. They are chequered chef pants so I will be able to claim it as a fax deduction seeing as they are industry required clothing. YAY!

Actually our boss doesnt care what we wear to work but I have been wearing the same pants for nearly 3 years so I figured it was time for an upgrade!

Hoping to have a quiet weekend this weekend seeing as the last two have been big and maybe next weekend will be slightly big as well (staff party).

Some of our neighbours are throwing a party. GAH! No, I know I can't complain. We get our turns, it's theirs now.
I just have to repeat over and over 'I will not throw waterbombs when their music is playing at 3am, I will not throw waterbombs., I will not throw waterbombs..'

Not much else to report this end. Gosh can't believe November is almost over! Got to start thinking of my new year goals!

3 Responses to “new pants for work”

  1. Hai Says:

    It must be kind of nice to know that you were able to fit into the same pair of pants for three years. Smile

  2. whitestripe Says:

    hai: yes it was nice! they never got any tighter either which was double nice. although - one of the reasons i am buying new ones is because my old ones are slightly too big and fall down a bit - i can't help being a bit sad that it's quite probably that they are stretched from three years of wear and not that i've lost any weight lol!

  3. Natalie Says:

    While reading your story on work pants I couldn't help but think about how my husband recently split his pants at work the other night.

    You see, Justin and I are currently backpacking to different countries around the world for the next year or two. He is working as a bartender and they gave him a pair of pants to try out (well a few pairs).

    Anyway, you can feel free to laugh at his pants splitin' good story on our travel blog www.nomadbackpackers.com

    Personally, I wish he had been given two new pairs of pants like the one's that were purchased for $50.50, thanks for all the great info.

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