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October Expenses - YAY!

November 4th, 2008 at 10:15 pm

I just realised it's the 5th of November and I haven't put up my October stats yet!!!So here they are. I am actually really happy with my results for last month.

Income: (TOTAL: $3246.00)
Job #1: $1038
Job #2: $2088
Other: $120
(649.20 p/w)

Savings: $675.00 ($135.00 p/w)

Expenditure: (TOTAL: $2121.62)
Rent: $633.35 ($126.67 p/w)
Groceries: $233.33 ($46.67 p/w)
Petrol: $160.62 ($32.12 p/w)
Phone & Internet: $29.23 ($5.85 p/w)
Loan Payments: $185 ($37 p/w)
Mobile Phone: $30 ($6 p/w)
Misc: $11.60
Gifts: $6.00
Health & Beauty: $2
Skin Care: $13
Bank Fees: $12
Alcohol: $37
Magazines & Books: $34.40
Takeaway Beverages: $125.39 ($25.08 p/w)
Takeaway Food/Dining Out: 180.60 (36.12 p/w)
Clothes & Shoes: $276.73 ($55.35 p/w)
Entertainment: $108.82 ($21.76 p/w)
Lotto: $15 ($3 p/w)
House/Appliances: $27.55 ($5.51 p/w)

Surplus: $449.38

Before anyone comments on the clothes expenditure, you should read my previous entries on it. I have allowed myself $500 to spend on clothes up to february. Mainly because I don't have a lot of summer clothes.

Areas I will attempt to improve this month:
*Takeaway Beverages and Food
*Bank Fees

I am extremely happy with the groceries expenditure. When I had a budget to compare to, my goal amount per week was $50-$70. So if I am under that, it makes me very happy!

I am not bothering with a budget. I only use them as a guide anyway. I understand it works for lots of people, but I am not one of those people that will go 'oh, I have spent my budget for this week, so I am going to stay home all week now'.
I mean, sometimes I do that, but not often, and in the end, it's my money that I earnt, so I will do whatever I want with it. The only thing I DO NOT condone is spending on credit cards, when you know you don't have the money to pay for it. That isn't spending YOUR money.

Anywho. I am very pleased with my savings as well. :-D

1 Responses to “October Expenses - YAY!”

  1. familyof8 Says:

    It looks great! And I don't think your clothing allowance is too far out there at all. When you need clothes, you need clothes! Smile

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