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new shirts, weekend spending.

October 26th, 2008 at 10:28 am

The weekend went past without much spending, which is always good!

On Friday night we went out for dinner. I spent $13.90 on a pizza and $5 on icecreams for dessert.

Saturday I spent $2.50 on some cherry tomatoes. We had a family gathering (BF's family) and were asked to bring a plate of food. I made a roast pumpkin & potato, rocket, sundried tomato pesto & cherry tomato salad (it all got eaten - so I am guessing everyone liked it). It was good that I had all the ingredients already, except for the cherry tomatoes.

Today I went to the markets and bought fruit and vegetables for the week. My portion was $15. I also bought the rest of the groceries from the supermarket, and spent around $22.

No other extra spending!

Today also, while BF and flatmates BF went to a car race/cruise thing, flatmate and I screenprinted some shirts. So I have five new shirts now. (actually I had the shirts before, obviously, but now they have prints on them! )
I just used prints that BF had already cut out. He has been doing them for 10+ years and they look much cleaner and better than mine. Smile I did a ship on one tshirt, a mummy on another, a car (the model that my BF and his friends are all into) a cowboy on a horse, and a samurai. they all turned out really well too.

3 Responses to “new shirts, weekend spending.”

  1. Tijdzhania Says:

    I'd love to see pictures of your printed shirts, if you wouldn't mind posting them.

  2. Finch Says:

    Ooh! Screenprinting is fun! Big Grin I would imagine it's quite tricky on a t-shirt though.

  3. whitestripe Says:

    I have difficulty posting pictures: can anyone tell me how? normally i'm pretty computer literate but can't seem to do it properly here Frown

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