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more hours: more money

October 16th, 2008 at 11:24 am

Today I got to look at the roster for end of october (it's always the same for me, unless I am working in a different area like out the front, and if people are on holidays). I'm excited because three staff members are going away, so i have been given five shorter (6 hours) shifts for the last week of october, instead of my usual 3 x 8 hour shifts. So I am doing 8 hours extra. That's nearly an extra $160! I still have Saturday and Sunday off, and I will have to do my office work in the afternoons during the week.

Today I had a bit of a spendy day:
Drinks: $6.70
Food: $3.65
Groceries: $12.99
Clothes: $73.11

I bought underwear today. Elle MacPherson Bras were on special for $19.95 - usually they are between $40-$70. It's gorgeous and mostly made out of silk!

Today I transfered $50 to my home loan deposit account. Closer and closer to 2k! It has just been so hard to crack that $2000 mark. You know how sometimes after you reach an initial amount it just seems so easy after that, like money is attracting other money??? Well here's hoping 2k is that initial amount!

BF just transferred another $1500 into his home loan deposit account. Now he has $6k in there.

Sometimes I just kick myself wishing we would have started earlier. Although it's always been at the back of our minds, we've been concentrating on other things.

I guess my pay now has made it easier to save more - just the past month I have noticed I am able to save much much more compared with six months ago.
It is the same with BF, once he finished his apprenticeship and started earning more per week, he is more motivated to save because he can actually see it climbing, and quickly! ($6k in two months aint bad!!!)

Also I have to admit, I have a car, a laptop etc. I have been to see quite a few bands play. I wouldn't trade any of that for anything. Life is experience. If I had a house now, instead of experiencing all that I have, it would be a very different story. Would I even be ready to own a house? Having not gone through all those things? I doubt it.

Anywhoo. Now I just can't wait for the next pay day, and the next, just so I can put more money away!!!

2 Responses to “more hours: more money”

  1. mom-sense Says:

    Good going! That fund will keep getting bigger and bigger!

  2. Amber Says:

    good for you and don't kick yourself it is never too late unless one never starts

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