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survey sites i use

October 14th, 2008 at 09:07 pm

I joined another survey site yesterday and have already earnt $5. They deposit it into your paypal account at the end of the month. It's a Frucor beverages consumer panel thing. For anyone in Australia who wants to know which sites are good, here is a list of the ones I am with:

Emailcash (have gotten $30 from them so far - 1/3 of the way towards getting another $30)

Valued Opinions (have gotten $20 coles giftcard from them and am close to getting another)

WhatDoYouThink (a bit like emailcash - haven't gotten any $ from them but am probably 1/4 of the way there)

Global Test Market (haven't gotten any $ from them either, but am halfway towards $50 - I think they send a cheque)

That's all I can be bothered with - I don't use it as my income, just something I can do that might give me a couple of bucks here and there.

So anyway, I have gotten $50 so far, for doing pretty much nothing which is nice. I'm pretty close to getting another $50 in the next month or so.

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