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clothes expenses

October 13th, 2008 at 05:48 am

I'm still around, but just haven't been posting this week. Haven't really got a lot to write about at the moment. I went on a little shopping spree on saturday and bought:
three pairs of shorts
two nice shirts
a tshirt
five pairs of undies

and i only spent $93! I think I did well. That means there is $407 remaining for clothes expenses.

I have decided to get:
-a nice black, waist or longer legnth coat
-new blue jeans (probably skinnies)
-a couple of summery skirts
-a pair of beach pants (linen or cheesecloth material, wide-leg style)
-a pair of boots
-a couple of nice bras
-another sports bra

We will see how that goes. I am pretty sure I don't need anything else, so I should be right until at LEAST the end of summer, if not all the way til next summer. (If I get the jeans, coat and boots, it should take me through winter up to this time next year again for summer!)

I am nearly at Goal #2 for my house fund. I managed to whack another $100 in last week extra. This week I should be able to do the same. Yay!

1 Responses to “clothes expenses”

  1. mom-sense Says:

    Sounds like you found some good deals at some good prices. Good for you!

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