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an update for y'all

October 7th, 2008 at 12:44 am

Just thought I'd share some updates for you guys - I've been lurking but haven't had the chance to post a decent entry for a few days.


The festival was great - like I mentioned in my previous post, we spent a lot on drinks (water for me). I didn't actually spend much else though that weekend:
Breakfast (BF & I) $10.78
Tolls: $5.80
Water: $35
Bus: $5.80
Lunch: $9.35

BF's friend paid for our breakfast which was nice of him (actually - we forgot to give him the money - we will next time!) and another girl paid for my cab fare home and was gone in the morning so I couldn't give her any $$. It would have been $6.

Unfortunately they blocked off the stage that Diplo and Goldfrapp were playing at, so we didn't get to see them. Dizzee Rascal was dangerously packed and we got squashed, then pushed to the back so we left (and this was OUTSIDE, in a botanic garden area!)
Peaches was great fun. She can be a bit... forward... sometimes... just not the way I would be myself (even though of course I believe in female empowerment and all that), but I think she's great for what she does anyway.

Everyone else was great too, too many to mention!


We have a house inspection next Tuesday. Everything should be fine, but I am a little annoyed because flatmate is going away today, and also on the weekend, so she won't be around to help - although she is unemployed so will be home on Monday and the day of the inspection, Tuesday - so she should be able to do some cleaning then. It worries me at the moment because she is moving in a few months to her BF's property that he owns. I hope that she doesn't not put in effort because she knows she won't have to deal with real estates for (the foreseeable) future. That would really suck, because what if BF and I did decide to stay on here? I don't want her to **** up our plans just because she's lazy and doesn't give a crap.

*sorry - venting*


I have noticed lately (actually, for months) that even though I eat muesli or, in winter, porridge for breakfast, as well as a piece of fruit and a coffee, I am nearly starving in two-three hours. What does that mean? I thought porridge and muesli were low gi, shouldn't they be keeping me fuller for longer?
It's not too bad now because it's the beginning of summer and it's starting to heat up, so instead of feeling hungry, I am just too hot and sweaty to be thinking about eating anything other than ice-cold water. (working in a bakery does that to you). But I just wonder, why does that seem to happen to me? My metabolism isn't THAT great, well, I don't think. I'm not overweight, but I have a couple of extra kilos I'd like to shift (doesn't most?). It's not like I'm skin and bones, lol.


I just checked my home deposit account, and I earnt $9.73 in interest last month, on $1668.00!!! yay!

I also just transferred $500 from my bills account to my loan account, to save a couple of bucks in interest fees. I also checked my interest on that account, and I earnt $1.95. I think I will probably be saving about that much on my loan too. I guess every little bit helps, huh?

In two days I will transfer the $500 back into my bills account.


I have approx $90 left over from last payday this week (I get paid tomorrow, then again on thursday). Once my pay goes in tomorrow I will transfer $50 into my home loan deposit account, and an extra $40 into my Holidays account, to save up for some clothes I would like to buy soon.


This week I am going to make myself phone the doctors to make an appointment for a checkup. I haven't been eating meat now for nearly 5 months, and I was told that your iron levels start depleting around 2-3 months, so if I haven't been eating healthily, they should be nicely depleted by now (or if I am as healthy as I think I am - they should be good, which is what I'm aiming for of course!).


Well that's all my updates for now!

4 Responses to “an update for y'all”

  1. sillyoleme Says:

    I've noticed that eating oatmeal in the morning makes me get hungry pretty soon too. It feels like it should be filling, but doesn't last long!

  2. whitestripe Says:

    yeah, i was thinking maybe if i grated apple into it it might help a bit? i don't want to eat other cereals or things like muffins etc - i like to keep it faily healthy, but i've heard apples are good. hmmm. :S

  3. baselle Says:

    Protein, protein, protein. Can you have a little plain yogurt on the side?

  4. whitestripe Says:

    baselle: i forgot to mention - but i usually do have a couple of spoons of natural yoghurt with my muesli :S

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