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ground beef recall

February 6th, 2011 at 05:38 am

While procrastinating from my studies, I found this news article when browsing, about recalled meat with a possibility of E Coli poisoning. I immediately thought of my fellow SA'ers because, being frugal, a lot of you buy bulk and freeze meat products. Hopefully it has recieved wide media exposure, but if not, here is the article:


I only post it because, well, Food Inc is still fresh in my memory and it IS centred on the American meat industry. It had so many heart wrenching stories on that documentary, it is difficult to forget - one being about a young girl who died from E. Coli poisoning. What they do to the meat before sale is disturbing, to say the least...

Anyway, consider this my community service announcement for the day!

Now I'm off to study again. This time tomorrow my exams will be officially OVER for the semester - yay!

Ratios, communication, power, conflict models, ratios, balance sheets, CVP analysis, ratios, ethics, trend analysis, income statements, oh... did I mention RATIOS?! *sigh*

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