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uni, food inc, job

December 30th, 2010 at 07:33 am

Things have been going alright here. I am pretty much halfway or a little further through in my two uni subjects. I just finished part of a group assignment (thankfully all other 4 members are willing to do the work too!) and recieved kudos from them all for achieving my portion by the due date, which was the day after boxing day. I also completed a major essay for my other subject with 12 days to spare. Whew.

I actually completed a goal this year that I did not expect to: I saw a naturopath! Technically I cheated as he is a family friend who is staying at DF's dads house. The best part was that the session, and one for DF, were FREE as a courtesy for DF's dad giving him a room for a few months (due to relationship breakdown...)

He gave us a copy of a dvd to watch called Food Inc. Has anyone here seen it? Has some pretty interesting info on it.

I think I am now very determined to find a new job in 2011. My best friend (whom I also work with) also has this as her New Years Resolution. Except that her resolution is 'to find an amazing new job' whereas mine is 'to find a new job'. Big Grin It is not that I don't want an AMAZING job, but really I would prefer one that is low stress and fairly monotonous, so that I can focus on study. I think I really want a supermarket cashier job, or some kind of factory linework job... another idea is Aldi, but as DF's mum works there she has said to me 'DONT get a job at aldi.' Frown The rewards are good and they are good to work for, but you really work HARD and they expect you to work a lot of hours. But then again, whatever hours they give her, she works. So it could be different if I said no once in a while. My other thought is mail sorting at the post office. I always thought that would be fun Smile

ANyway. Those are my thoughts on the job situation. My best friend has this idea in her head that we are sticking together. She keeps saying she is going wherever I go. Which is silly, because she's a qualified baker and pastry chef. I am not. Therefore, she should be reaping the benefits of all the apprentice wage hours she put in, not getting a cashier job after all that hard work!

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  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Glad to hear school is going well.

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