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bought ourselves a tv (& cute pic)

December 6th, 2010 at 05:49 am

As some of you know, DF and I have been looking at buying a new television for a very long time. We have gone through three of the older tube-style tv's this year (one was DF's, one was mine, and one we were given). So finally, on Saturday, we bought ourselves the one that we have been looking to buy since the beginning of the year, it's a 40" Sony Bravia LCD tv. They have come down a lot in price in the past few months, what with all the LED's and 3D TV's coming out. And even though we *could have* spent a few hundred more and got one of those, we didn't.

DF is always hard to convince about these things - he doesn't look at it as saving $300 by buying an LCD, instead he looks at it as 'We could get an LED for what we would have spent on an LCD three months ago.' Big Grin

Me? I'm not interested in always having the latest and greatest. It is something I think DF and I will never agree on. He likes STUFF. I am happy with the basics, pretty much. I don't need a new computer, therefore, I don't want one.

In total we spent $990, with a 5 year warranty. The tv itself was $861 - ticket price on that day was $1126.00 - I think we did well at bargaining it down.

In other news, we got our new mobile broadband starter pack with a mini wi-fi modem - and (after much hassle - I think I was nearly ready to kill something) IT WORKS! And it works good, which is the main thing. We have to invest in a wi-fi adaptor for DF's computer ($42) but from then o... it's all savings baby!

Old Plan (24 month contract - expired)
Home Phone: $29.95
5gb ADSL Internet: $44.95
Total: $74.90 + approx $5 in monthly calls

New Plan (12 month contract)
4gb Peak, 8gb Off-Peak Mobile Broadband: $29.95

So, we are saving between $45 and $50 a month! It means though, we will not have a landline phone. We do not use it anyhow, TBH it is mainly to order pizza Big Grin, which we can do online. With the old plan, you could not have internet by itself, it had to have a phone line, and that was the cheapest I could find.

We both have generous mobile cap plans, so if we have relatives that want to talk to us for a while for a catchup, we can just call them.

Next in line is our life insurance and superannuation. I am looking forward to this saving as well, it will be roughly $50-$60 a month in savings PLUS linking our superannuation to our online banking so that we can actually see how much we have in there (it does not allow us to withdraw from it though, in case you are wondering).


And finally, Aldi is opening locally in TEN DAYS! I am sooooo excited. Big Grin


I think that is all my updates for now. Oh! DF has put in a quote for a large job that needs to be completed before christmas, and he will probably be getting a large sum for it. We were talking about putting it towards our wedding rings and Soundwave concert tickets we were eyeing off.

Is it really *that* unconventional to go to a heavy metal music festival for your honeymoon...?


And to end the post, here is a cute pic of Banjo:


6 Responses to “bought ourselves a tv (& cute pic)”

  1. Shiela Says:

    Have you thought about getting a voip phone to replace your old landline? But then again you don't use it too much. Unlike us who have relatives interstate and overseas it get used a lot. We call our inlaws in NSW and in Canberra for nothing because they also have Voip phone, otherwise it would be 10cents untimed. My mums version only cost 8cents, even when she calls her sister in Canada. Anyway just a suggestion.

  2. marvholly Says:

    Re: Aldi
    I used to shop there a lot. However, I have learned in the past 10 or so years that shopping at my regular grocery stores, independent markets, outlet stores, WalMart, Target, Walgreens and CVS is CHEAPER if I match specials (sales) with coupons.

    NOTE: I do NOT go to all those stores every week-just pick out the best deals at 3-5 that all fall on a single travel route.

  3. ThriftoRama Says:

    I do Aldi for pantry basics like pasta, soup, canned beans, and banking supplies, and buy meat and things I'm more particular about other places. I do find that Aldi saves me a lot of money.

    As for your TV. I don't see a difference between LCD, Plasma, and LED. I'm with you. Hubby cares, I don't. If it shows pictures, it's doing it's job, so get the best deal!. The prices have been great. I actually found a 32 inch Samsung for my sister for $275.

  4. MonkeyMama Says:

    I giggle every time I hear some one bemoaning HDTVs as the symbol of the Joneses. My dh loves his movie and TVs, you know. But, the prices are so amazing low these days. Our 50-inch HD cost less than the TV we bought when we first married - and the quality is just AMAZING. IT is also 20 inches bigger than the TV we replaced!! I am not so much into it, but I can see that the picture is absolutely amazing. As I age, I like that I can watch the TV and even sometimes read subtitles, without my glasses. Big Grin So, I admit I can see the benefits.

    Anyway, I am sure the plasmas were a symbol of extreme spending a few years ago. But, these days I just don't see it so much. In the end, TV quality has improved and gotten more affordable.

    The TV we replaced was also VERY heavy. I can't get over how light our current TVS are. (One is a projection, and one is a plasma, but they are both very lightweight. Makes life so much easier if we ever need to move one for any reason).

  5. M E 2 Says:

    Aldi is the best. And yes you can do better with sales and coupons on some things. BUT, there isn't ALWAYS a sale and/or a coupon. Aldi's prices are what they are.

  6. Frugaltexan75 Says:

    Cute doggie Smile

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