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validation... & iPhone apps?

October 27th, 2010 at 01:27 am

I just got back from a meeting with our business accountant, and he said as I was preparing to leave, that I was doing fantastically well. Kind of some much needed validation after a few pretty crappy weeks regarding my book-keeping job.

After he said that, I mentioned I was about to start (my uni course) and he was actually excited for me and said I would do well, and that it would provide a lot of pathways in the future. He also reinforced my choice of uni, saying that he did a couple of units through them externally himself, years ago, and they were *the best*. Big Grin

Getting back to the office, DF called me to tell me my text books had arrived. Yay! And super quick!

My iPhone arrived yesterday too, so I have been playing around with that, probably more than I should.

I bought my little sister a SIM card and gave my old phone to her. She thinks it's because DF and I are being nice, but really it's so I know WHERE SHE IS at all times. She is, unfortunately, one of THOSE teenagers. *sigh* trying to get her to be more responsible and aware of what the world is really like (that it's not actually safe for a 15 year old girl to be walking around the streets at night just because she had a fight with her mother and stepdad). Atleast now she might be 5% more safer with a phone.

Stress has been alleviated slightly at the family business, as work has picked up for the before-Christmas rush, and there's money in the bank to pay bills. So we can breathe easy for a week or two and hopefully everyone will get along.

DF and I need to start making preparations, in all areas of our lives. Will post more about that later.

Question for iPhone users at SA (BA & Frugaltexan... anyone else?)

What cool iPhone apps do you have? There are so many. I am 'allowed' to buy atleast 6, because that's how many DF has already bought. Big Grin

I ask this because DF is not really an app user - he likes the ones that have novelty value, like the Star Wars light saber (which I actually do think is kinda cool...Big Grin) But I was wondering if you could recommend any good, functional, useful ones?

5 Responses to “validation... & iPhone apps?”

  1. LittleGopher Says:

    I'm guessing my husband's favorite Dr. Who sonic screwdriver app wouldn't be on the useful list :-)

    I'm pretty sure he has no really useful ones on his itouch, though I know there are some great ones out there (at least I hope there is...)

    I bet you're getting excited about your studies - best wishes!!

  2. Broken Arrow Says:

    Er, for every day budgeting, I like Spend and Spend Lite. Lite is free, but regular Spend is cheap, and it will allow you to have multiple accounts. Try Lite first and see if you like it.

    I also use SplashMoney. That one costs $$$, although I didn't think it was too bad. That's my main personal finance app there. It does everything that I ask out of a PF app.

    If you use Mint.com, don't forget they too have an app, as well as most major banks and investment companies. Search to see what you can find.

    For games, there are SO MANY good ones now. I don't know if you're into that, but if you are, Plants versus Zombies is at the top of the list. That one is expensive but well worth the money I think. And because I like Risk, check out Lux Touch for free (and Lux Pro, the non-free version).

    For entertainment, I have both the Red Box and Fandango app. Both are free.

    Let's see, what else? There's more but I don't have it in front of me so.... Well, if I think of anything else, I'll report back.

    Enjoy your new phone!

  3. LadyT Says:

    If you like Scrabble, check out Words With Friends. They have a free version and a pay version. You get ads after you play a word in the free version, but I think that's the only difference ... it's a very addicting and fun game!!

  4. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Oh! I second Words With Friends! Get the free version - all you have to contend with are ads. My name on it is Librarian2be if you want to play. Smile
    A really, really cool app I just came across recently is BookCrawler. With the additional app of Pic2Shop, you can scan the ISBN's of all your books, DVDs, etc. You can categorize your books, etc. into different collections. For example, I have one collection for books that I want to check out at the library - when I'm at a bookstore, etc. I just scan the ISBN's to add them. Another collection is of books I've borrowed from the library. I seriously LOVE this app!

    Another awesome app (I think it was free) is Gas Cubby. Every time you fill up your car, you enter the pertinent information. It then keeps track of your gas mileage per tank, as well as the average gas mileage. You also can enter in when you have your car serviced. You can set up multiple cars.

    Some good (free) entertainment apps are Shazam, Yelp, and PhoneFlicks. Shazam is an app where you hold it up to the radio, or if you're in a store - to the speaker, and it will figure out what the song is that's playing and who sings it. Yelp (not sure if it's available in AU) is an app where people rate local businesses, and it also has a social component where locals discuss different things. PhoneFlix is related to Netflix, and is a great way to search for a movie you want to watch.

    Two health apps (.99 each I think) are Jog Log and Whitenoise. Jog Log is a great GPS activated app that keeps track of your outside walks/runs. Whitenoise (is available free) is an app with a bunch of different types of sounds - cat purring, rainstorm, etc., which you can set up to run for as long as you need it. (I used this a lot in my apartment to attempt to drown out my neighbors.)

    Free games I have include: Solitaire, DoodleHang (hangman), Sudoku 101, Farm Story (similar to Farmville). Paid games I have (with free available) are Cash Cow and Cooking Academy.

    A really awesome (free) music app is Pandora. I also have a couple local radio stations apps.

    And of course, if you use Facebook, there is the free facebook app. Smile
    My very very favorite app of all though, also the most expensive, is the AT&T Navigator. It has been a true beacon of freedom for this directionally challenged person. I use it constantly.

    Oh, I'll tell you about my financial apps. Smile I have several which are specific to my credit card and checking accounts. Then I have the YNAB (LOVE) app which complements my YNAB software. Last, but not least, is Cellfire (e-coupons, again, not sure how they'd work in AU.)

    I also have a bunch of elementary math apps and Korean language apps which I use with my tutoring students.

    Almost forgot one! Flaschards. You can create three-sided flashcards, and even add audio. It's a great way for studying definitions, and other facts. There's a free version (limited) and a paid one (.99 I think).

    Hope this helps. Big Grin

  5. Jerry Says:

    My apps are all for school. I'm using them to prepare for a national board examination, so they are not much fun at all. They do, however, lead to excellent studying in places where I can't exactly open up a textbook. It's nice to have insurance that I can crack the books without the books even being there sometimes!
    Let us know what you get...

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