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rewards, rewards, rewards...

September 30th, 2010 at 05:38 am

Today I get to work and find that my new roster is up Smile I have more hours, and it appears that they will stay that way for a while.
I earn a little more per hour at this job than I did at my other one (before my pay cut, I mean). It will not make up for the paycut though, nor DF's either. But I am hoping that by cutting a few things and trimming where we need to on unnecesary items, we can still save, pay the bills and mortgage, eat, and do a few things here and there that we enjoy.

I have joined a couple of new survey sites and my regular ones seem to pumping my email inbox full at the moment. Usually when I DONT feel like doing them, I get a lot. So it seems they caught me at a good time Smile when I am motivated to actually DO THEM.

At this stage I am halfway towards: a $30 check, a $50 check, a $50 paypal payment, a $5 paypal payment and only a couple of dollars away from a $20 GC.

Oooh! Also just remembered Christmas is coming which means I get a $50 GC from work. Yay!

I posted my eBay sales yesterday. Total in profit I made roughly $25, but seeing as I got these items for free I am not complaining.

Once a friend finished with a dvd set of mine I am going to sell that also on eBay and will hopefully get back what I paid for it ~$60.

We also have credit card rewards to redeem. Big Grin We have atleast a $200 voucher at the moment, though I was thinking of waiting until the end of the year, and then we can use the voucher at the end of year sales. This particular store that the voucher is for, is known for their crazy discounts on Boxing Day. We usually go a couple of days after, and they have marked everything down even more (though, don't have as much stock as they would have, but it's better than fighting the crowds.) So by then we might have a $400 voucher. Now that would be SUPER fun! I might talk to DF and see if it would be wise to purchase clothing items we will need for 2011 at that time (tshirts, underwear, socks - you know, the boring stuff that kind of needs to be replaced every year or two...)

1 Responses to “rewards, rewards, rewards...”

  1. librarylady Says:

    You just gave me a great idea! I think I will save up our rewards for Christmas cash this year. I usually just pay it on my account balance. But this way, it would be some found money probably right when we need it most!

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